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New Ones at Noon E34: Feat. Basia Bulat, Killer Virgins, and Flynn Tanner

New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E34: Feat. Basia Bulat, Killer Virgins, and Flynn Tanner

Are You in Love by Basia Bulat

Barbara Josephine Bulat better known under her moniker Basia Bulat – I’m butchering that I just know it – grew up in Etobicoke ON and is currently based out of Montreal Quebec. Bulat released a new album all the way back in March 2020 – maybe before this show was a thing? The album is called ‘Are You in Love?’ – and I know it’s not new content but BUT! Balut and her album ‘Are You in Love?’ have just been nominated for three Canadian Folk Music Awards in the categories Contemporary Album of the Year, Contemporary Singer of the Year and English Songwriter(s) of the Year.  In honour of Bulat’s nomination I wanted to share one of my favourite tracks from the album, we’re also going to be adding it to the stream on Dropout Radio. It’s also a great song for a post-valentines’ day episode. This is the title track from Bulat’s album, this is ‘Are You in Love?’ by Basis Bulat

For more information on Basia Bulat visit:

Banana by Killer Virgins

The Killer Virgins are an Indie Punk Band from Toronto, Canada consisting of Samantha Weinstein, Gabriel Corindia, and Drew Brazier. The band released their debut EP Reboot in 2019 – it’s solid check it out. Karate Girl is a great track. The band just dropped a brand new shiny single called ‘Banana’. Just in time for Valentine’s Day I should point out. Weinstein, the Front-woman and guitarist for the band describes the track as a modern-day punk project with an outspoken female perspective. 

According to the bands Spotify page the song was written one night in Toronto on a beer soaked notepad on a night out. So I would imagine it was written a while ago. This is the new track from the killer Virgins, as I mentioned it’s called ‘Banana’. 

For more information on Killer Virgins visit:

Save Me by Flynn Tanner

Flynn Tanner is a singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist and producer from Toronto, Canada. Tanner style is a blend of alternative, indie rock, R&B, and a sort-of modern synth pop. This blend makes Tanner’s music accessible and compelling all at the same time. Tanner has a new single out called ‘Save Me’ – it’s a song the artist wrote during lockdown that explores the isolation that so many of us are dealing with right now. I sat down with Tanner on the Internet to chat about his new song and his experience with writing music in isolation. 

For more information on Flynn Tanner visit:

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