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Judah & The Lion @ The Hideout (Photoset & Show Review)

Judah & The Lion @ The Hideout (Photoset & Show Review)

Canadian Music Week is well underway and I kicked off my week with a Stubhub hosted event with Nashville band Judah and the Lion at The Hideout Toronto. The show proved to be the ultimate dream for fans of the band who were lucky enough to attend, a very intimate venue and an energy filled performance from a very eager band is pretty much everything any music lover could ask for.

With new album “Pep Talks” which came out this past friday the band hit the stage with many of their new songs including a few never played in front of a live audience before. Although many artist tend to lose interest of the crowd while playing new music Judah and the Lion prevailed with the massive amount of energy backing the tracks fresh off the new record such as “Don’t Mess with My Mama.” The band also made sure to appease the crowd with a cover of Blink 182’s “All the Small Things” and closed out the show with a passionate performance of their hit song “Take it All Back” that included front man Judah Akers taking the intimacy of the night one step further by going into the crowd to jam with some very enthusiastic fans.

I know seeing a non canadian band during Canadian Music Week basically defeats the purpose of the festival, but the band made sure to mention the amount of immense support they’ve been receiving from Canada and noting that showing Canada some more love is one of their top priorities. Showcasing not only the talented artist Canada has to offer but the spirited fans as well; an added bonus to CMW. Last night’s show definitely left an impression and made for a great introduction into my first Canadian Music Week, if you feel like you missed out on last nights show make sure to watch out for Judah and the Lion when they come back to Toronto in late June.



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