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Canadian Music Week: Shannen’s Top Picks

Canadian Music Week: Shannen’s Top Picks

It’s time again for Canadian Music Week to take over Toronto and bring new talent and well-known favourites together for a week of amazing music. With so many artists and venues throughout the city, it can be hard to decide where to go. After much deliberating, here’s where you’ll find me for the week:

Gnarly Horse, Dog Cops. Pterodactyl Problems, Joan Smith and the Jane Does, Ex- Sisters, Ex Omerta, DJ Teenage Werewolf – May 6 @ Bovine Sex Club 


Monowhales, Jane’s Party, The Fame, Ferraro, Kassaor & Side Hustle – May 8th @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Kongos, The Darcys, The Man Who, Parker Bossley & Gabrielle Shonk – May 9th @ The Mod Club

Big Smoke Brass, Blisk, Okan, DoVira, Dagadana – May 9 @ Drom Taberna


Kira Isabella, David James, Nice Horse & Elyse Saunders – May 10th @ Rock N Horse Saloon


Nick Waterhouse, A Fellow Ship, Fade Awaays, Paper Shakers, Laurnet Bourque & Goodnight, Sunrise – May 10th @ The Horseshoe Tavern


Moonwake, Hildeguard, Holly Rees, Josh Taerk, Monochef – May 10 @ Stackt


Born Ruffians & The Elwins – May 11th @ The Phoenix


Danko Jones, Skye Wallace, The Standstills, Adam Gontier – May 11th @ The Horseshoe Tavern



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