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Radium Moon Release New Single “Wake Up”

Radium Moon Release New Single “Wake Up”

Montreal based alt-rock power trio Radium Moon have recently released their new single “Wake Up” and the song sent a shiver right down my spine. It’s one of those songs that hooks from the start and crescendos from their, bringing you along for an emotional journey. Starting with just a guitar and the gentle line “Wake Up in the middle night, it’s not the morning but it’s the morning to me” the song builds and builds to it’s rock n roll climax with huge guitars, gang vocals and a drum line that just keeps pushing. The song talks about a feeling of helplessness, something we all go through at points, but often neglect the conversation with our friends or family. I think that’s one of the reasons music is so important, it allows you to explore emotions and thoughts that don’t always come up in day to day interactions, it allows you to really feel what the artist is sharing and I think Wake Up is a beautiful example of that.

“I wrote this song upon waking up from a recurring nightmare. Having struggled with sleep paralysis most of my adult life the song kind of expresses how helpless and alone we feel when trapped in a dream or situation we have no control over.”

“The chorus was kind of an afterthought, when talking to my therapist at the time she asked if I had spoken to any of my friends about these dreams, and I responded with “ha, all my friends are in my head”. It seemed fitting.” – Bradon Muir



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