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Johnny NoCash And The Celtic Outlaws @ The Cadillac Lounge (Photoset)

Johnny NoCash And The Celtic Outlaws @ The Cadillac Lounge (Photoset)

Johnny Nocash And The Celtic Outlaws performing one of the final shows ever at the iconic Cadillac Lounge. It was their first and last time and boy, was it fun! Excitement filled the air as soon as the band took the stage. If you’ve frequented the Parkdale staple Cadillac Lounge over the years you know they normally don’t play music that’s this…loud for lack of a better term, so this night was quite the treat. Johnny Nocash & The Celtics had the crowd wanting to dance, fight, laugh and yell all intermittedly throughout the course of their set. Johnny NoCash’s raw, powerful voice and honest and emotional lyrics combined with the musical mix of beautiful celtic feeling riffs and full on punk fury that was behind him made for an amazing show and the fans went nuts for it, it will be a night to remember! Check out Johnny Nocash And The Celtic Outlaws here



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