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Marlon Chaplin – The Circle (New Video)

Marlon Chaplin – The Circle (New Video)

Toronto indie rocker Marlon Chaplin just dropped a new video for the title track of his debut album “The Circle”, and the Eyes Wide Shut-esque visuals are the perfect match for the new anthemic track. The video takes you on a journey with Marlon and a mysterious woman, through situations that seem completely irrelevant to each other yet are somehow perfectly connected, (directed by Michael Greggain) leaving me with more questions than answers after watching it the first time, but that might be the point, if the song teaches you anything it’s to expect the unexpected on the journey of life.

“The theme of the music and artwork centres around ideas of a cyclical nature. Be it social, economic, spiritual or technological. It’s about growth, birth, death and everything in between.”- Marlon Chaplin  

It’s a great track and the video is definitely worth a watch. There’s something about the way Marlon Chaplin combines his voice and songwriting style that really captures the listeners attention and draws them into the storyline, and Greggain did a great job of converting that feeling over to a music video.

Click above to watch Marlon Chaplin’s new video The Circle, and below to watch our interview with him during last years Indie Week! And if you want to find more of his music visit



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