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Neon Bloom release new video for Lighten Up, shot in Taiwan!

Neon Bloom release new video for Lighten Up, shot in Taiwan!

Toronto garage rock/synth pop quartet Neon Bloom have just released a new video to go along with their rockin new track Lighten Up. It’s the first single from Neon Blooms forthcoming EP (expected in early 2020) and highlights the more alternative, garage-rock feel of the band. The track itself is great, it reminds me of a more polished rock n roll version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it has a great energy and a very cool video to along with it. The band shot Lighten Up themself during their tour of Taiwan, mixing in shots of themselves and their trip spliced along with performance videos.

“We were travelling on a shoestring budget, and I brought one of my cameras along” said Yurichuk, who is a video producer and media arts teacher by day.  “We shot everything: when we were on the train, when we hired a driver, when we were in our backpackers’ hostel the camera was rolling all the time. At shows, we would find someone to hold the camera or put it on a tripod. When we got home, we had this whole mountain of footage and just sifted through it and thought it was a great idea.” This video is an amazing example of how you can create a fantastic and captivating music video with what you have around you and without a big budget.

If you’re a fan of the sound you have a couple opportunities to see this exciting new group live in Toronto in the next little while! Neon Bloom is playing Sunday, September 8th at the Monarch Tavern and Saturday, September 14th at Adelaide Hall.

You can find more info and more of the bands music at



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