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Interview with anarchy Bronze

Interview with anarchy Bronze

Mixing hip-hop vibes with metal influences, Montreal’s Anarchy Bronze is a force to be reckoned with. Having recently jumped onto the scene, he’s got a lot of big firsts. His first performance was at The Gathering of The Juggalos, his first music video got picked up by No Jumper & Adam22 and his first Tik Tok video racked up just under a million views. He’s also the first artist we’ve interviewed to beat Covid-19 and this is his first online interview, so you get the learn down low on all of those experiences…first! He also told us about what it’s like to be an artist in Montreal, his influences, the methods behind his writing, his dream collab & festival performance, what he’s working on next & more! Click below to check it out!

To find more of Anarchy Bronze’s music and to follow the journey, visit

Shout out to Aaron of Underground Management for hooking this interview up!



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