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The Hex – Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws (New Music Video)

The Hex – Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws (New Music Video)

Let your eyes and ears be possessed by Johnny NoCash & The Celtic Outlaws new music video for “The Hex”! The group just dropped a new video made entirely of fan, tour and live footage. It’s a great song, paired with some really fun shots, you can almost feel the energy that was captured across all those camera’s and phones. In a time where shooting music video’s has become a difficult thing to do, I think this is a great way for bands to keep releasing new video’s and keeping their fans engaged.  If you haven’t heard of them, Johnny NoCash and the Celtic Outlaws are a death country band based out of Toronto. If you don’t know what death country is, now’s a terrible time to Google the term, as you’ll just get a bunch of Covid info and “deaths by country”, but these guys take elements of country, folk, rock, metal and celtic music, smash all that goodness together and come out with killer tracks time after time. And if you’ve never gotten the chance to see them live, you’re really missing out, but at least you can get a little taste through this. The video features shots from Canadian bars like the Hideout, which will be missed dearly, as well as shots from their tour in Germany. These guys won an award in last years Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, and in the two years we’ve run this, they are the only band to have people message us from another country angry that they couldn’t vote (it’s only open to Canadian residents). That’s the kind of support their fans have, and if you’re not already one of those fans, maybe this video will change your mind! Click below to check it out and if you’re looking for more visit



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