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Love U More by ACTORS

Love U More by ACTORS

Vancouver post-punk band ACTORS have released a video for their recent single Love U More. The song Love U More was dropped by the band at the tail end of October 2020. The new single is available on all major streaming platforms and it’s more than worth a listen.

Post-punk is probably one of my favourite genres personally. I used to be really into bands like Depeche Mode and Joy Division, I still am on the right day. There’s a darkness to post-punk that’s wonderfully nihilistic, but ethereal at the same time. I think I’m drawn to post-punk because the post-punk movement inspired by the energy of the punk movement sought out a more polished and unusual sound. This music polishes down the gritty edges of rock and roll and refines them with synths and distortions. Post-punk artists pull from outside of traditional rock and roll, well outside traditional punk, from other genres and technology.

ACTORS is a Vancouver based post-punk band that has just released a delectable new piece of post-punk music to chew on (chew with your ears). The dark synth lines and hypnotic rhythms of “Love U More” leave you with just enough sonic space to get lost in. 

In a press release, synth player Shannon Hemmett evoked “standing alone on a shadowy street” in describing Love U More. I can see that, although I think it’s important to note that it’s probably a dark street.

Love U More is a killer track and for me, it invokes more than just a dark street, this song has layers interesting enough to inspire the beginnings of a modern-horror movie soundtrack. I would highly recommend listening to this track while driving at night down the California coastline. I don’t know what you’re doing on the California coast, and frankly judging from the song you’re listening to, I don’t want to know.

The track was released on Artoffact Records, along with a perfectly creepy music video from director Peter Ricq, that fans got to enjoy just in time for Halloween. The video follows a resourceful zombie rock-star as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her arm, which sadly falls off early on. The video is notably well shot and the zombie makeup and zombie acting is top-notch.

ACTORS is comprised of Jahmeel Russell, Shannon Hemmett, Jason Corbett, and Adam Fink. Corbett names David Bowie as a fundamental influence – and you can see Bowie’s sense of confidence and creativity in the band’s work, among others. Personally, I can see a lot of Bowie in ACTOR’s music, I also get distinct impressions of bands like Depeche Mode as well as more modern sounds that seem to be influenced by bands like White Stripes. I could of course be reading way too much into this. 

ACTORS has toured in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and performed at Terminus Festival 2017, 2018 (Calgary), Out From the Shadows Festival 2018 (Portland), and Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2018 (Leipzig), with upcoming festival appearances at Infest 2018 (Manchester), A Murder of Crows 2018 (Brooklyn), and Cold Waves 2018 (NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles).

For more information on ACTORS visit them online at



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