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(Premiere) Ransom – Divine Astronaut (New Single)

(Premiere) Ransom – Divine Astronaut (New Single)

Electronic duo, Divine Astronaut, have just released their brand new single “Ransom” from their debut album “Made Not in Berlin” and you’re definitely going to want to add this one to your playlist. The song immerses you in a world of it’s own, with lead singer Livvy Holland’s distinctive voice leading you through this electronic journey. This is definitely one of those tracks you want to put on, sit back, close your eyes and let it’s sonic atmosphere overwash your sensory system.

Holland, tells us that, “Ransom has a few meanings.. one of them is that the burdens or baggage you carry or might be accumulating don’t define you. It also dances between forgiveness, forgiving ourselves and the desire for a reckoning.”


The track makes great use of musical contrast, starting off with an immersive soundscape that really draws you in as a listener. The mixing by producer and multi-instrumentalist Moonhead is incredible, with Holland’s voice seeming almost as if it’s another instrument the way it flows so perfectly with the instrumentation. Then the guitars come in, and they really hit you when they do! It definitely caught me off guard, in the best of ways, the first time I listened to the track, things get real industrial real quick! The heavy guitar tones and driving electronic drums lead to a feeling of indestructibleness and the reminder that “they’ll pay the ransom some day”, before laying you back down into the beautifully dark and unique soundscape of the second verse. This song is a whole experience in itself to listen to, hit play to find out exactly what I mean.
Comprised of singer Livvy Holland and Producer/multi instrumentalist Moonhead, Divine Astronaut is an electronic duo that describe their sound as night-time music that is downtempo alternative electronica with trip hop and industrial elements . The duo are currently playing shows in Europe and will be releasing their debut EP ‘4’ on November 20, 2020 with label M&O Music.


Divine Astronaut’s music is influenced by a wide range of producers, bands and singers. Moonhead has said that producers Trevor Horn and BT have been inspirational and cites bands such as Portishead, Bjork, Enigma, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, NIN, and Radiohead as influences.

If you’re not already following Divine Astronaut, you can do so here




to find more of their music and to keep on an eye on their debut EP “4” coming out next month!

You can also click below to read an interview with Divine Astonaut’s Livvy Holland from earlier this year.



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