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(Premiere) New Music Video for “Bleed 4 You” by Blow_Flyy

(Premiere) New Music Video for “Bleed 4 You” by Blow_Flyy

Blow_Flyy is a Canadian hip hop artist based in Toronto, originally from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, who’s just released a new video for his 2018 track Bleed 4 You. The track features Keonte Beals and was produced by KekeBeatz Recordings. The new music video is out now on YouTube and the track is available on all major streaming platforms. 

It wasn’t easy getting to know this artist, but when I enjoy a song and a video I feel compelled to learn a bit more and share what I learn with you. So here we go. 

Born Anthony Grant the artist grew up with music in his life and has been writing poetry and lyrics of inspiration, love, and happiness from a young age. Anthony grew up in Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia and currently works out of Toronto, Canada. The artist draws influence from his family and his passion to create music. In an interview with he said this about his process: 

“I treat my projects like mini books, I come up with a concept and I write my songs around that title so the blood would represent the pain and the honey for the sweet things life can offer.”

Bleed 4 You was released as a single in 2018 and features vocals by Keonte Beals, another East Coast Canadian musician, recently featured in an interview with CBC Music. The track is soft and strong all the way through. Blow_Flyy’s lyrics are both inspirational, ruthless, and tender. At the end of the day, the track is a broken-hearted love song/story worth listening to. 

Blow_Flyy writes his lyrics in an unconventional way. Rhythmically brilliant the artist delivers hip-hop lyrics sans-serious-concern for a traditional rhyming structure, instead of approaching his lyrics like timed spoken word stories. Don’t get me wrong the lyrics are beyond good and you should go listen to more of his music. I would recommend Speeding right off the bat. This style is compelling to listen to when the delivery is right, and I honestly didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out to me. 

The artist likes to refer to his music as Hip-Hop/Pop because of the pop mix that is infused into his sound. Having been part of the underground Hip-Hop music scene, the artist took the time to study how the music industry has changed and managed open doors through the web of independent artists similar to himself. 

In a truly modern style, the artist utilizes online communities and social media to not only grow his fan base but also perfect his craft with help and feedback from those communities. There’s no doubt in my mind that Blow_Flyy puts a tremendous amount of work into his music. It shows.



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