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My Fragile Mind – The Universe Featuring Ray (New Music Video)

My Fragile Mind – The Universe Featuring Ray (New Music Video)

Eccentric, eclectic art rocker The Universe Featuring Ray has just released a new video for her exhilarating song “My Fragile Mind”. Invoking the spirits of Kurt Cobain and the tones of Alanis Morissette, the song is written, performed, and produced by Ray (co-production by Ben Srokosz) and is the first single from her debut LP, Co-Create. 

The song, which is one of the heavier tracks of the album deals with the issue of mental health and spiritual wellbeing. With dreamy lead guitar, background brass, and guttural screams, as heavy as it is, it has her signature undertone of light, with references to nursery rhymes and The Wizard of Oz. We had the opportunity to interview Ray on the songs release date, and she told that the seed that was originally planted before becoming the wicked the song it is now, was a conversation with her best friend about “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and the idea that nursery rhymes are sometimes deeper than we realized when we were kids. She said the song is about how when someone who is very sheltered from the harsh realities of life, when they actually go out into the real world often times they are worse off, now dealt with facing the realities for the first time as opposed to their whole life. The song has an incredible energy to it, giving off grungy rock feels during the chorus, and more poppy pyschedilc tones during the verse, it’s a great mix! The accompanying video features projections projected right onto Ray’s face as she performs the track. The visuals add a really psychedelic feel to the song, and Ray said that to pull it off it took a lot of experimentation with differnt lights and colours. This video really shows you don’t need an elaborate set up to create a visually captivating music video! The soon-to-be hit has been selected as the hard-hitting credit roll for the film, “Seeking Oblivion”. The film also deals with mental illness and suicide and will be making the indie film festival circuit. Click below to watch “My Fragile Mind” and keep scrolling for our interview with Ray as well as more info on her album Co-Create!

Co-Create is a concept album with a wide range of sounds: heavy, indie, pop ballads, rock, acapella, and a love song. Ray wrote, performed, and produced a large amount of the album, while also working with various engineers, producers, and visual artists to create the vision in her mind. Working with the likes of Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger), Jose Contreras (By Divine Right), Ben Srokosz (GATTA Creative) as well as friends and local musicians. The idea of Co-Create was to work with all different Canadian talents to create a mash of different sounds and styles. To take the concept farther, the title track, “Co-Create” is an acapella track that will be put up online for public download and encouraged for artists to use in any way they can imagine as part of a bigger collaborative initiative to connect our arts farther. Moreover, Ray’s fans and supporters were an integral part of Co-Create volunteering their time and talent but also contributing financially to Ray’s viral Go Fund Me campaign.




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