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Wall of Glass – Naveen (Interview + New Single)

Wall of Glass – Naveen (Interview + New Single)

Montreal indie artist Naveen has just released a touching new single, written during and about the pandemic that we are currently living in, and breaking through barriers to create change. The song acknowledges that many of the social issues that have been amplified over the past year are nothing new, just more visible and points towards love as the answer. As 2020 comes to an end, it’s really interesting to hear the emotions about the current situation of artists like Naveen coming through in their music. She told us the song was originally inspired by David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which she was listening to while riding in the mountains in Quebec to get some relief. Then David Bowie SPACE ODDITY, struck her while she was riding in the mountains in Quebec to get some relief.

“Yes indeed I felt like Major Tom floating in a Tin Can.. and it was comforting to hear.. however the emotion stayed with me I then picked up the guitar dusted it off and then started to come up with a chord I could resonate this odd feeling with.. did that for a while. Then a melody line appeared and I worked the song with my collaborator to figure what chords I was feeling and hearing. When we established that it was something a cross between David Bowie and David Gilmore- Comfortably Numb.. I knew that was the emotion that I felt at the core.”

We had the opportunity to interview Naveen about the new track, click below to give it a listen and keep scrolling for our interview where she talks about the new song, the pandemic, what she’s got coming up next & more!

Can you tell us about the lyrics behind your new single “Wall of Glass”?

The lyrics have multiple meanings. The obvious is about what we are living through during this pandemic.. but having said that, the pandemic has only magnified existing social issues that are at the surface now. It is about having one’s voice heard and breaking through the barriers to create the change.
On a positive note the song calls out to hold on to the value of LOVE because truly this is what we have, same message as many artists have been calling for over the years but expressed in different times… Our world keeps evolving and somewhat we are caught up in the noise of life and spiraling out of control… missing it’s true essence. We can shift that.

What was the recording process like for Wall of Glass?

Fast forward, to the early pandemic days. I found myself pondering over life – Like everyone else I found myself in deep reflection during the isolation and uncertainty of the times. Somehow I connected to David Bowie-Space Oddity, feeling a sense of comfort. I connected to this strange feeling of having lived my life through an airplane window-always up in the air moving from place to place with my airline pilot dad and family; not having anywhere really to call home. However I was able to capture this feeling and translate to the collaborators of the song who then found the musical components to it. Basically it was taking the emotion first and working the music and words around it. I then worked with it on Garage Band on my computer until I felt it had the what I needed to express.

Then at the studio. I was fortunate that LG Breton was able to capture what I wanted to accomplish with the emotion of the song. He was like a wizard magically transforming the music into a generous and rich final recording. I must say I was nervous wondering if I could do justice to that level of music. I knew I needed it to flow and the best thing was not to think about it and be in shape to let it all happen.. easier said then done.. but I was guided very well and I just connected with the emotion letting things unfold.. it is always an adventure..

The song has a much more Canadian feel than some of your previous work, was this intentional?

No it was not intentional at all but I was absolutely delighted that it come out that way. I found my identity in the song, that after all the travels, I have embraced being Canadian; I have been here on this piece of earth the longest in my whole life. It is taking me into another musical direction that I am hoping to explore.


Can you tell us about the journey you’ve taken between your last single “Cross Walk” and where you are now?

I feel I have been able to combine my love for both sides of the Atlantic-the UK and Canada. My debut EP Crosswalk was all about my British musical roots and bringing that message to the other side of the Atlantic. However moving forward just happened naturally as I am enjoying discovering the different aspects of being in Canada. Unlike being in London which I adore I have become open to going out in the wilderness which seemed scary at first.. but somehow I am drawn to change now.

Your grandfather, Hafeez Jalandhari, wrote the Pakistan national anthem. Can you tell us about his influence on your music and your life?

I think I got the determination and passion to create change from my grandfather. I have come to realize many similarities lately – Like it is really important to be true to who you are and not be afraid to say it how it is. He used poetry to steer a whole nation and he never backed down.

I think the influence started at birth when. I arrived in my grandfather’s house at birth.. we lived in a joint family system. I was exposed to the world of poetry and literacy which continues to unfold to my surprise. I know the first signs were as a young teen when I would play the guitar and sing ‘Blowing in the Wind.’ Everywhere I would go even though I was in a strict boarding school in the UK later moving to London and living in the neighborhood of a Beatle… more influences added to the mix. Music for me is all about change for the benefit of society.

After moving to Canada I was inspired to help support social issues through only musician but an educator. I worked using music to teach incarcerated and handicapped students for a while. As life created challenges and obstacles I sought to use the old message of ‘ Peace and Love’ through ‘ Do U Wanna Know’ on my debut EP Crosswalk remembering my teens living around the Abbey Road studios. My latest release ‘Wall of Glass’ is more direct and compelling to address not only the pandemic but the issues underlying waiting to be addressed. I find the world much more conflicted than ever.

How has the pandemic affected you as an artist?

The pandemic is inspiring me to really get out there and say it like never before. It is a time where artists with messages can definitely be a supportive force to inspire people; I would say I am very inspired. I had written a song “Rainbow Children” during the early pandemic days locked up in the attic as a way to reach out and thank the front line heroes for being there no matter what. I found ways to put a DIY video with the track recorded on Garage band. I hope to put that out when I do an album. I think if we dive into our own truths we can come together and create a more meaningful life that makes sense. My music will be focused on my own truth since the pandemic has taught the lesson that time is very precious.

Do you think it will affect your music going forward?

I think so.. I mean I was always kind of introspective person, digging out the meanings of life. I would not be able to say how it will affect my music but I think I am feeling more inspired than ever..there is a need. We are seeing a lot of emerging artists everywhere in expression of bring their voices forth. It is beyond entertainment right now because there is a need for it.

What are you working on next?

Right now it is about nurturing this message and finding opportunities to be of support through the words and music of the song. I never know what I am going to do next and why, somehow the inspiration happens and then I follow the path… however, I am learning about how to use social media to promote one’s message as an Indie artist. I think it is great that people have a chance to control their own music and message… but it takes a lot of learning too.



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