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Gone And Run Away By Taming Sari

Gone And Run Away By Taming Sari

Today’s Song of The Day is Gone And Run Away by Taming Sari. Gone And Run Away is the Ottawa based bilingual rock bands emotional and raw fourth single, and first ever ballad. And it’s one hell of a rock n roll ballad. To me the song sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd with a modern flair, if Lynyrd Skynyrd was raised in the great white north instead of down south. According to the eclectic band, “Gone and Run Away” is a song for “rockers and lovers.” They describe it as a story about jealousy, heartbreak, and “the emptiness one can feel when a person is gone after a relationship comes to an end.” 

Gone And Run Away is full of powerful vocals and equally powerful drum fills, passionate and vulnerable lyrics, seemingly-endless slide guitar melodies, some killer organs and an all-round groovy bass line. It’s a great listen, mixing element’s of blues, country and rock to create their latest sure to be hit. On why they chose to record a ballad, Taming Sari agreed: “We had a desire to dip our toes into this slower tempo and explore the emotions of heartbreak within the soundscape of southern rock.” And I’m sure glad they did. This is Gone And Run Away by Taming Sari on Dropout’s Song of The Day!



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