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Interview with KEATS CONLON at Indie Week 2020 (Video)

Interview with KEATS CONLON at Indie Week 2020 (Video)

Keats Conlon has lived in places all across Canada. She currently lives and works on Canada’s East Coast. Her music and lyrics may themselves be a testament to Canada’s inspirational landscapes and endless possibilities. Ultimately Conlon’s journey led her to Halifax, Nova Scotia where she currently creates beautiful folk music with truly engaging sweet-sounding lyrics. Conlan released her first album in 2013, called ‘Like a Poet’, and her second album ‘Pastel Portraits’ in 2020. I got a chance to sit down with Conlon during IndieWeek 2020 last November – safely via the internet, from my Kitchen. 

Conlon was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, and has been writing her own music since the age of fourteen, and still works extremely hard. Conlan is currently involved in two other bands on top of her solo project – The Nova Knots which is a trio of women including Conlan that play a mix of Celtic, east coast, pop, indie, and folk; the artist also contributes to Casual Cries For Help which is a four-piece powerhouse that plays upbeat pop covers and originals full of good vibes.

Conlon’s new album ‘Pastel Portraits’ is available everywhere you stream your music. 




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