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(Premiere) Vancouver Alt Pop Artist Chris Clute Releases New Single “Body”

(Premiere) Vancouver Alt Pop Artist Chris Clute Releases New Single “Body”


Chris Clute, Vancouver’s rising alternative/pop and rock artist, has just released his latest single “Body” and we are proud to be premiering here on Dropout Entertainment. Between the instrumentation and the vocals Body is a beautifully layered and ethereal song, easy to get completely lost inside for three and a half minutes. One of the powerful things about music is that as a listener, it let’s you know that you are not alone. It’s hard to be human, we’ve constantly got all these emotions running around in our minds, but a lot of them stay just there, and never get spoken about with our peers. But then sometimes a song comes along, giving you that comfort that you’re not alone, and that other humans that you’ve never even met can feel these wild feelings that you do so vividly. Body is about one of those tough subjects, ex-lovers. “Body” invites Clute’s listeners into his own thoughts and explores his past relationships.

The track seeks out answers that most, lovers, wish to uncover during their lifetime. The feelings of unknowns and what if’s, which have been brought by our past relationships. Clute opens up “Body” with the line “Would you pick up if I called you?” It’s one of those questions that dances in heads, but too afraid to confront it on the surface.  Clute explains his message behind the track,

“We all ponder what life would be like if X never happened, or if I was still together with this person, what would life be like? This got me thinking about myself and my past relationships. A stint of limited social interaction can make you feel very lonely and desperate. Body encompasses these thoughts I was having and makes me feel like it’s okay to feel these things. It’s normal to be going through this and there’s nothing “wrong” with me (well not with my personality at least). Body is for that lonely person who thinks they’re in need of someone.” The unapologetic track is also a reminder that we are not alone and with time things will get better.

Clute wrote and produced “Body” in one late session. He states, “It started with the chorus. I loved the idea of changing the meaning of the word body with the words before and after it and playing around with that. We then started laying down instruments and filling in spaces. The thing I love most about this song is how the instruments and vocals trade space. Each taking their turn to come up to the surface and say their piece and then retreating to the background to let the other voices in the song be heard.”

“Body” will be accompanied by 11 promising tracks on Clute’s debut album Homesick Holiday out on October 12, 2021. We asked Clute about the upcoming album and here’s what he told us

“Homesick Holiday is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now. I’m very excited for people to experience these songs in their full capacity. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Star Wars, specifically the grandness of the universe and how everything ties together. This got me thinking about how we can make something bigger than just a listening experience. So for the past month and a bit we’ve been working on a short film that’s going to feature all of the songs on the album. This project however is in the very early stages so I’m excited to see what we’re able to create!”

In the meantime, he’s currently paving his way towards his BIG release with a few more singles to come before Fall. We also asked Chris about the state of Vancouver and whether or not he had any plans to return to live music now that the country is starting to open up, and there’s good news!

“Things in Canada have been progressing slowly but it surely looks like there’s hope on the horizon. The feeling around the city is slowly shifting back into normality. We’re starting to see acoustic performances in restaurants and bars and we’ve got some dates for actual shows later in the summer and into the fall. Very exciting time indeed!”
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