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Johnny Nocash Releases First Episode of “Life With Johnny Nocash” In Advance Of His Upcoming Solo Album Ch.1

Johnny Nocash Releases First Episode of “Life With Johnny Nocash” In Advance Of His Upcoming Solo Album Ch.1

Looking for some real Canadian stories of the road? Death country singer & songwriter Johnny Nocash has recently departed on a journey many of us may have dreamed of at one point, but that few of us have been brave enough to dive into. He left his Toronto apartment behind for a life on the road, and is currently travelling across Canada while living in his van. Not only is he writing and recording new music along his travels, Nocash just released the first episode of his new podcast “Life with Johnny Nocash”, which gives you an inside look into his adventure on the road and life in a van. Episode 1 lays down the groundwork for whats to come, as Nocash takes us onto a trip through his mindset as a global pandemic loomed on in 2020 and 2021, explains his reasoning for leaving the city behind and tells us about the trip so far. Spoiler alert, he’s loving it. It’s a true rock n roll story and I can’t wait for episode two! Take a listen to episode 1 below, and keep scrolling to learn more about his upcoming album Ch.1 and music video “Midnight”!

This Friday, Johnny Nocash will be releasing his first EP in 4 years, Ch.1 as well as a new music video for “Midnight” and a whole line of new merch. Coming from the isolation stage of 2020/21, the album takes Nocash back to his acoustic roots, without sacrificing an ounce of that rock n roll grit he’s come to be known for. The album “features 5 songs that sum up my mental state at the time with no holding back.

Bitter, raw, honest and straight to the point is exactly how this body of music is executed. No bells, whistles or fancy recording tricks – this was all recorded in the apartment I lived in by myself with little to no skill and then passed along to first time mixer Cory Hofing. To say this is a diy piece is an understatement. Everything was done with zero money and done the way it always should be from a no budget perspective.” – Johnny Nocash

The music video for Midnight was filmed on Nocash’s last night in Toronto, in the same apartment as he recorded the EP and this might just be the most metal song you’ve heard without an electric guitar in it. I won’t give too much away, but I will forewarn you, the content is pretty heavy. Like the album, the video doesn’t feature any special effects or fancy props, it’s a truly raw and authentic portrayal of his music. Whether you’re on the country or the metal end of the death country spectrum (or anywhere in between!) keep your eyes peeled this Friday, July 16th for the new video, album and some wicked new merch!

Presave Johnny Nocash’s new album Ch. 1 here

And the new merch line will be available here



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