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Mountain Head Release New EP “Backseat”

Mountain Head Release New EP “Backseat”

Mountain Head have recently released their latest EP “Backseat” and no matter which seat your in, it will definitely take you for a trip! This new EP is incredible for a number of reasons, one is certainly the journey it takes you on. We’ve been following Mountain Head here on Dropout since their first release “We Stole Your Head” and it’s incredible to see what this project has evolved into since then, unstoppable by even a global pandemic, Mountain Head continues to grow musically as well as lyrically and the world is taking notice of the beast this has turned into. The project has really honed it’s sound, cementing Mountain Head a space in the radio circuit, “Let It Out” reached #28 on the Billboard Canadian Alternative radio chart, “Backseat” is currently playing on Indie88 and Spotify has been featuring the album and title track since it’s release! Backseat’s sound is a unique mix of rock n roll, psychedelic, alternative and electro-pop, featuring intensely groovy bass lines and psychedelic guitar licks over slick and captivating beats filled with lyrics that make you take a look at life and the world around you. And as always, the EP features those signature vocal harmonies that only brothers Ben and Kyle Hannah can pull off. The album features six tracks, including 3 singles that fans already know and love, Shade, Let It Out and Tijuana alongside the new tracks Backseat, Jest and Dedicated adding up to 22 minutes and 30 seconds of psychedelic rock n roll bliss, the sound is immersive and addictive, fair warning once you hit play good luck turning the EP off before it’s over! No matter what seat your in, Mountain Head will have you cranking this to 11 and grooving along, click below to listen to to “Backseat”!



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