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Interview with Electro-Pop Artist Mauve

Interview with Electro-Pop Artist Mauve

Toronto based electro-pop singer and songwriter Mauve has recently released her latest music video “Shining Gold” and we had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about the new song and her career. If there is just one message that Mauve hopes listeners take away from her new single “Shining Gold,” it’s that you should always let your true colours shine.

With American female production duo LYRE (Fall Out Boy, ITZY) at the helm, “Shining Gold” is a bouncy, bonafide pop anthem steeped in positive dancehall and R&B vibes. The song is intentionally upbeat and is meant to serve as a
celebration of what make each of us unique.

“It’s hard to love yourself if you have a warped sense of who you are supposed to be” says Mauve”. “Feeling comfortable in your own skin so you can look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I’m ok with who I am ‘ is the starting point for others realizing that they are okay with being who they are as well.”

The accompanying music video tackles the song’s subject in an open and frank manner. It contrasts doubts about self-image with a contagiously confident performance by Mauve. The video features several freestyle dancers who enthusiastically embody the core message behind the track, encouraging viewers to be their authentic selves. Click below to watch “Shining Gold” and keep scrolling for our interview with Mauve, where we talk about the single, the video, performing live, her favourite Canadian artists, what shes got coming up next and more!

Interview with Mauve

What inspired your latest single “Shining Gold”?

I was kind of mindlessly scrolling through my phone and suddenly started to feel worse and worse about myself. You have to be able to catch yourself falling into that trap and take a step back. I wanted to create a song that would get you out of that headspace and let you start celebrating the good things you have going on for yourself. 

How was the experience of working with female production duo LYRE?

I am so grateful to have worked with LA-based female production powerhouse LYRE for this song. I knew they would absolutely kill it. It was so important to work with an all-female team for this song because I have never been able to do that with my previous songs. We worked together virtually and I would send them a whole mixture of song references that I was inspired by. They were able to take certain elements of those references, whether it was an instrument or effect, and made it something totally creative and moving for my song “Shining Gold”. They definitely took the production beyond my expectations! 

Since 2017 you’ve racked up over one million Spotify plays, when you first started releasing music did you think you’d be reaching this many people?

It has been something I have dreamed about and worked very hard for. It makes me very proud to see how far my music has been able to reach by committing myself to my music career every single day. 

Can you tell us about the music video for Shining gold?

It was great bringing a team together of creative and talented individuals who had their own unique style. I wanted to show a scene of me scrolling through my phone and having that self-doubt sink in with all of the images you come across. I think we all may have those moments where we can spend too much time on social media and lose that confidence that we hope to have in ourselves. 

What was one of your favourite moments from the video shoot?

I was so excited to have dancers for this music video! It was great bringing a team together of creative and talented individuals who had their own unique style. I didn’t have a specific choreography for the song, I wanted each dancer to free-style their own dance moves and move in the way they feel most empowered. It was such a fun day and everyone brought such great energy!

You’ve mentioned that performing live is one of your favourite things about being an artist, what is one of your favourite performance memories?

A highlight for me was performing at a popular venue in Toronto called Sneaky Dee’s. It holds such a cultural significance to the city and I have been there many times as a guest, so it was an honour to perform there. The ability to connect with a crowd and have them drawn to you through your music and performance, in such an open and honest environment, is something that is so fulfilling about music. 

What’s one venue that you’ve never played that you would love to one day?

Any venue around the world would be amazing to play! But of course the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto would be a big dream of mine because I have seen so many concerts there in the past. 

What 3 songs do you think you’ve listened to the most over the course of 2020?

Deja Vu – Olivia Rodrigo

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Like That – Doja Cat

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?

A lot of Canadian artists inspire me and have influenced my sound. I think it has a lot to do with listening to Canadian radio growing up and watching Much Music. Amanda Marshall is a big inspiration of mine because her vocals are so raw and strong. She’s the ultimate powerhouse! I was front row at her concert a few years ago and had the time of my life. That’s the energy that I want to bring to others when performing on stage. I also am a fan of a former Canadian R&B band named jackSOUL. They have such dynamic and groovy flavors in each of their songs, and the vocalist was a true song master because he had such deep range in his voice. 

Has living in Toronto inspired your music? Do you think it would sound different if you lived anywhere else?

I definitely think the vibrancy and diversity of the city has shaped my music. There are so many opportunities to learn and receive support from other artists and collaborators that I am so grateful to live here and share my music. I definitely think my sound would be different somewhere else because I wouldn’t have that same access to creativity that Toronto provides. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

I am so excited to have been awarded the Animated Music Video Project Micro-grant from the Mississauga Arts Council (MAC). My upcoming song “Another Life” was chosen for this and I am partnering with a very talented illustrator who was also chosen from MAC to create the animated music video. It is such a cool collaboration to be chosen for! Music videos are so important to promoting my music, and to animate a vision for my song Another Life is exciting and will share my music in a new unique way. I will be working with the animator over the next couple months to complete the music video.

Where do you see yourself musically this time next year?

I hope to continue branching out and collaborating with more creative individuals on my songs. It’s really nice being able to work with talented creators that have an amazing ear for good music. It’s so important to keep expanding your network when you are working in this industry. 

Do you have any last words you’d like to share with our readers?

Thank you for listening! It would be wonderful to connect with you on social media! You can find me here: 




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