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‘Still alive’ music video by Toronto’s own PLAZA out now!

‘Still alive’ music video by Toronto’s own PLAZA out now!

If you hadn’t already heard PLAZA before, ‘Still Alive’ is the perfect cruising song that you didn’t know you needed. The melancholic melodies and piano will have you leaving the house at night with no destination.

Toronto based R&B artist PLAZA began his career after years in local rock bands in 2016. After an incredibly successful debut EP ‘ONE’ he was signed to OVO sound. After finding success with other projects the past few years he has now found exactly what he wants and how he wants to do it, becoming independent once again.

His debut album Nocturnes just recently released and ‘Still Alive’ was the lead single for the project. The track itself details the life of tumultuous relationships and the hardships that we all suffer living with them. Whether leaving is worth the pain or not is a question we’ve all asked ourselves and this track will have you reflecting on all these times and decisions in the best way possible.

The songs melodies are perfect to ride to and then the triumphant synths come in and have you feeling like an unstoppable ball of emotions. The video itself directed by Boris Melev and starring PLAZA alongside model Kiyanna Mascall gives a great visualization of those late night vibes in the city just thinking about everything and inevitably circling back around to past love that didn’t work out for better or for worse. The video follows PLAZA working his way through the city trying to get home with interspersed clips of him and his “past partner” as a representation of the thoughts and reminiscing the artist was doing during his late night travels.

The song paired with the video creates a very strong impression and is perfect for anyone searching for that light night city cruising vibe. Riding to those synths, piano and PLAZA’s vocals will have you feeling some type of way.

PLAZA’s debut album Nocturnes is out now so go check out ‘Still Alive’ on it and give the whole project a listen. PLAZA at this point isn’t known to disappoint so anything he releases is a safe bet just like ‘Still Alive’ is a safe bet to getting in your feels.



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