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Gregory Childs & Heart Lung Release From The Chest

Gregory Childs & Heart Lung Release From The Chest

After their recent release of single Lonesome Toronto-based independent alt-country outfit Gregory Childs & Heart Lung have recently debuted their newest song, From the Chest, a new track equal parts grit and heartfelt. From the Chest is about a man struggling with the death of his wife. It details the desperate plea he makes to God as he asks to be allowed into heaven despite living a life of less-than-Christian ideals. Recorded in the winter of 2022 at Pineship Sound with the help of Zeus’ Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien who’s featured on the organ, the song tweaks a gritty but heartfelt chord with lines like “I may not praise you just the rest, but every damn Sunday I wear my best vest”.. It’s a wonderfully written song full of emotion, featuring some great guitar, an incredible harmonica and a vocal duo whose sound I really love. The band is in the process of releasing a series of singles culminating in a full length LP so stay tuned!



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