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Nelson Sobral’s bluesy new single ‘In the Middle of the Night’, out now!

Nelson Sobral’s bluesy new single ‘In the Middle of the Night’, out now!

Sobral’s recently released ‘In the Middle of the Night’ is the bluesy feel good summer track that you’ve been looking for. With a great band backing the singer/lead guitarist which features a commanding sax, 2 rhythmic percussion players and a bass player the song musically hits your emotional core.

Taking inspiration from a wide range of different genres such as blues, soul and rock and roll this Toronto based singer/songwriter blends those country inspired sounds more urban, hard hitting rock and blues. The songwriter is known equally for his smooth raspy voice as his guitar and bass playing and has shared the stage with acts such as David Wilcox, Jeremy Voltz and The Trews. Sobral has one single mission, and that’s to impact and energize the audience and travel the world through the might of his music.

The song ‘In the Middle of the Night’ is itself a huge success. Now I don’t typically listen to this sort of music but I’d be lying if by the end of it the warmth and feel good aura of the track hadn’t gotten to me in one way or another. Sobral’s strangely familiar (in a good way) voice provided a great medium to reach the audience and I really do gotta shout out the musicians backing the singer, Kunle, Erik Samuel, Ricardo DeGaia, May Akanuma and Stephen San Juan who all did a great job. The accompanying video is a fairly straightforward performance of the song but if you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy just seeing a visual accompaniment to the track.

Overall I think the song and the video to go along with it were great and really enjoyable. This song is a great feel-good and positive track that every blues and country fan has to have in their playlist. Up next for Sombral is his upcoming LP ‘Second Arrow’ set to release later this year. In the meantime check out ‘In the Middle of the Night’ and his other 2 singles ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Yours & Mine’.



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