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Celebrating 25 Years Of Killin It! Interview with Matt Collyer of Stomp Records/The Planet smashers + 25th Anniversary Live Streaming Concert Series Line-up

Celebrating 25 Years Of Killin It! Interview with Matt Collyer of Stomp Records/The Planet smashers + 25th Anniversary Live Streaming Concert Series Line-up

25 years ago, what is now considered one of the countries most influential ska/punk rock labels was formed and it’s no exaggeration to say they’ve been killing ever since! Stomp Records is a full-service ska-punk-rock-n-roll record label, booking agency and music management company based in the heart of Montreal. Back in 1995, there were no labels releasing ska music in Canada but that all changed when Matt Collyer from Montreal Ska outfit The Planet Smashers teamed up with The Kingpins bassist Jordan Swift to secure distibution through Cargo Records. In 1995 they released “On The Run” by The Kingpins, and The Planet Smashers debut self titled album. In 1996, what was originally intended to be a split 45 featuring the two acts, evolved into the first rendition of Stomp Record’s “All-Skanadian Club” a compilation series that has charted ska bands from across the country. Driven by a love for music and hard working diy ethics, Stomp Records expanded and went on to work with not only Canada’s greatest ska bands, but some of the countries coolest punk and rock acts as well! Today, Stomp Records manages over 30 acts including The Creepshow, The Anti-Queens, The Penske File, The Brains, Gutter Demons, K-Man And The 45’s, The Raygun Cowboys and The Real McKenzies. They’ve released over 150 albums that have been distributed in over 130 countries!

We had to opportunity to ask Stomp Records president Matt Collyer a few questions about the label, their 25th anniversary showcase, how they have been dealing with pandemic, his thoughts on the future of the music industry and more! You can read the interview below, and keep scrolling to find music from all the acts featured in Stomp Records 25th Anniversary Online Series, an epically massive series of live shows from a killer roster of Stomp bands streaming through November and January in venues across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC!

Interview with Stomp Records Matt Collyer

In 1995 Stomp Records was started as a necessity because “there was no one else in Canada releasing ska.” The label started with just two ska acts, The Planet Smashers and The Kingpins but now represents over thirty bands, including some of Canada’s finest punk and rock acts. Although it’s for different reasons, I think it’s fair to argue that Stomp Records is still a necessity in the Canadian music scene, what are your thoughts?

Yes! If I had it my way we’d have waaaaaayyyyy more independent record labels putting out music they love!

Stomp Records is celebrating its 25th year anniversary with an online concert series running from Feb 20th to Dec 4th. What can you tell us about the series?

Originally, prior to COVID, the plan was to have a series of club shows all across Canada and have as many Stomp bands play as possible. With the concert series no longer in the cards, we decided to produce 15 live online shows featuring fifteen bands from our roster (starting Nov 21st and ending January 2nd – Nov 20th Gutter Demons was postponed to Jan 2nd due to some health issues, but not COVID). Shows will be filmed from Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Some are in venues, others are in studios – it should be super cool.

2020 marks 25 years of success and great music for Stomp Records, what do you think Stomp Records will look like in another 25 years?

Older! Haaaa. I hope we continue releasing music we believe in and have more good times.

What does Stomp Records look for in a band or artist?

Hard working, great music, no attitude!

2020 is a crazy year to be in the music industry, what has Stomp Records been doing to keep the music alive? What have been a few of Stomp Records biggest successes this year?

It’s been really weird! Almost all of our plans were scrapped and we had to refocus and come up with new ones.

We signed 2 new artists after COVID kicked in, and recently released both – Bike Theifs in October and Doghouse Rose in November. I love both albums, and they’re totally different styles.

We also have encouraged our bands to create new music, new videos and more. Right now there’s a slew of projects in production, most of which will be coming out in 2021 but we still have a few more surprises before the year’s out. 🙂

Although we can’t see live shows, this year music seems more important than ever. In your opinion, why is music so important for humans?

Short and sweet answer for me is that music creates connections and bonds – connecting us with others, affecting us emotionally, helping us through bad times, helping us make the good times even better, anchoring memories…and more.

The pandemic has changed the music scene as we know it, what do you think it will look like when this is all said and done?

We’re eventually going to get back to normal. Some bands will disappear, same for labels and clubs and promoters, but ultimately live music will be back!!!

I get a different answer almost everytime I ask this, so I’d love to know your opinion. What is punk?

For me it’s the DIY ethic mixed in with energetic, loud, snotty, wild, non-conformist music.

What can fans expect from Stomp Records in 2021?

More great releases, more COVID content on the interwebs, and later hopefully some real concerts and touring!

Do you have any last words for our readers?

Keep safe and thanks for supporting independent music!!!

-Matt Collyer, Label Manager




Hailing from Toronto, Doghouse Rose are a fierce punk rock four piece built on perseverance with a smile. Coming from all different walks of life and musical backgrounds, they quickly formed a bond that shines through every time they take the stage.

Rooted in melodic punk with a hint of new wave and good old fashioned rock n roll, their vibrant melodies, thunderous rhythms, and candy sweet vocals deliver stories about chasing dreams, hard luck times and not taking life too seriously.

Their fast burning, immersive and often acrobatic live show coupled with touring internationally and playing over 200 shows a year has garnered them an ever growing, loyal fan-base established on genuine connection and DIY spirit.

Performing everywhere from maximum capacity festivals to maximum security prisons, Doghouse Rose have shared stages with Tiger Army, The Planet Smashers, Supersuckers, The Creepshow, Murder By Death among tons of others.

Inspired by their adventures pounding the pavement on tour and loaded with feel good, take on the world anthems, “The Harder They Fall” is an explosive and addictive album that defies all expectations.


Brutal Youth is what you’d get if a runaway train packed full of explosives made love to Tony the Tiger. These Weird Al aficionados play manic, 120 second, punk rock anthems peppered with sucker-punch hooks that’ll leave you toothless before you even know what hit you.

Energetic, raw, honest, heart on sleeve punk rock, Brutal Youth have been causing a ruckus for the last 6+ years. Formed in 2010, the band hit the ground running and recorded their first brutally fantastic album, “Spill Your Guts”. Shortly thereafter the group uprooted themselves from their hometown of St. John’s, NL and moved to Toronto. After settling in to their new digs, Brutal Youth gained attention locally with their lightning-fast sets and blood-soaked high-intensity performances. Fast forward 6 months and we find them on the road travelling across Canada, as well as playing shows across the U.S. In a flurry of songwriting the band recorded a split 10″ with Montreal locals Tightrope, which was released in Feb 2012 (My Fingers! My Brain! Records). Never content to rest, Brutal Youth headed back into the studio once again in Oct 2012 to record their sophomore album “Stay Honest” which dropped April 2013 coupled with a celebratory tour.

With the success of Stay Honest, Brutal Youth began once again writing and recording between clusters of shows and came up with the 7″ “Bottoming Out” (Paper+Plastic 2015) paired with a month of tourdates across Europe before once more stepping into the studio to record their 3rd full length album “Sanguine” set to be released through Stomp Records. More touring saw the band head overseas once more for a second tour of Europe followed by a homecoming where they were invited to play Pouzzafest with NYHC giants Sick Of It All and the inaugural Asbury Park edition of the Punk Rock Bowling festival. They’ve shared the stage with Descendents, Cock Sparrer, The Ste Catherines, The Creepshow, Off With Their Heads and the new album is mastered by the famed Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Anti Flag, Alkaline Trio). With the imminent release of “Sanguine”, Brutal Youth have become an unstoppable juggernaut of explosive face-smashery set to level the musical landscape.

Brutal Youth is like a gun, just point them at whatever needs to be destroyed.

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Bike Thiefs – Nov 28th

Bike Thiefs are a chatty post-punk trio that sound like a cross between Parquet Courts and a late-night conversation with Charles Bukowski.

Comprised of bassist Kris Pandierada, drummer Andrew Fasken and guitarist/vocalist Marko Woloshyn, Toronto’s Bike Thiefs absorb music as quickly as one would expect from a group of millennial audiophiles. Pandeirada cut his teeth producing hip-hop beats in his basement; Woloshyn holed up in his room wringing the ink out of Leonard Cohen sheet music; Fasken immersed himself in the world of 2000s punk rock while booking shows and playing in a handful of hardcore bands.
Over the past few years, Bike Thiefs have refined their cool cocktail of speakeasy vocals, slashing guitars and primal rhythms into catchy post-punk anthems. They’ve kept busy touring across Canada and the United States, opening for various international acts including Wavves, Antarctigo Vespucci (Jeff Rosenstock & Chris Farren) and The Dirty Nil.

Bike Thiefs signed to Stomp Records in 2020 and are releasing their debut full-length album this fall. It was recorded with Josh Korody (Dirty Nil, Weaves, Dilly Dally) at Candle Recordings in Toronto.

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Danny Rebel And The KGB – Dec 3rd

DANNY REBEL & THE KGB return from the nether regions of the Galaxy to ensure the Human race can DIG the new sights & sounds. HEAL, Brother, HEAL!


5 men on a mission, 5 men who have collided together to create a sound unlike any other. A sound designed to enlighten those who are HIP to the fact that it’s alright to love Punk as much as Reggae, Soul as much as Gypsy Revival, Bang! as much as Boom!. A style formed on the basis that pushing the envelope is a necessity, not an outcome.
5 men who want nothing more than to travel far & wide to bring people the sound they’ve created. Through tireless efforts in the fields of Style & Substance, Danny Rebel & The KGB have been, since 2006, systematically crossing off places on the map as “Conquered” or “To be conquered”. Your city is NEXT.

Their crowning achievement of their work comes in the form of their debut full-length, BLASTOFF!, recorded & produced by Dub scientist Victor Rice. An album that spans sixteen tracks and three continents, available Summer 2012 on Stomp Records, is all you’ll need to convince yourself deep down that you were, are, and always will be a part of the KGB. So fly your flag, get on the dance floor, and let loose! When faced with the prospect of the future, the KGB are quick to reply:

“We’ve traveled back in time from the future to ensure that all is BANG!, life is BOOM!, and the universe continues to be 300% DYNAMITE!”

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Raygun Cowboys – Dec 4th

Raygun Cowboys are a psychobilly punk rock n’ roll band hailing from the very best dive bars and poolrooms of Edmonton, AB. This 50’s influenced 5-piece outfit plays insanely high-energy badass rockabilly with elements of punk and rock n roll that instantly gets people on the dance floor from the first to the last.

Formed in 2000, the Cowboys started playing local shows and quickly became the band of choice to support touring acts in western Canada.. The band hit the road shortly after and toured coast to coast several times bringing their suped-up psycho juke joint jive to a legion of fans across the country. In 2007 they added a killer horn section in the form of Nate Connolly, Mike Johnson, and most currently Jonny McCormack, Zach Semanuik, and Mike Androschuck to their traditional 3 piece rockabilly line up. The Cowboys have released five studio albums with the latest being 2017’s Cowboy Code. Following the release of the Cowboy Code original members Derek Thiesen and Oakland Valleau left the group to focus on family and other projects, while Jon Christopherson (Vox/Guitar) has kept constant touring with the addition of Brett Reid on Drums and Aaron (Zerk) Naveau on upright bass. 2017 and 2018 have seen the Cowboys tour Europe and Canada multiple times with friends The Real McKenzies, The Dreadnoughts, and Canadian punk legends DOA. This year the band has finished recording for their upcoming Stomp Records release “Bloodied but Unbroken” 10 tracks that will knock you on your ass and keep you coming back for more. They will be touring Europe in September and North America in October/November 2019. Keep your ear to the ground, new Raygun Cowboys is on its way.

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K-Man And The 45s – Dec 5th

K-Man & The 45s, where Ska meets Rock and Roll. This Canadian 5 piece band from downtown Montreal is as heavily influenced by old school ska as it is with classic rock n roll. With a fantastic horn section playing catchy melodic lines and blazing solos over an energetic rhythm section, they switch naturally from ska to rock and punk, with surf sounds often not far behind. They draw influences as much from 2 tone bands such as The Specials and The Beat as they do from The Ramones and The Cramps.

K-Man & The 45s has always felt more comfortable on the road than at home. They have toured the country countless times playing coast to coast. They’ve also shared the stage with a million bands including: The Slackers, Big D and The Kids Table, The Satellites, The Original Wailers , The Planet Smashers, The Brains and I could easily fall in to simple name dropping here and go on and on. No stranger to the festival scene they have headlined The Ottawa Ska festival, The Montreal Skafest, Music For The Masses and headlined a bunch of others including NXNE, KOI music fest, Festival de la Gibelotte… you get the idea.

Since the release of the 2016 self-titled debut on Stomp Records, K-Man & The 45s have played countless shows across Europe and North America, headlined a ton of international festivals and shared the stage with labelmates The Planet Smashers, The Brains and Voodoo Glow Skulls just to name a few. Their ultra-upbeat blend of ska, punk and rock n’ roll has packed venues, dives and jukejoints in over a dozen countries and has made them an absolute fixture in the Montreal scene.

Stand With The Youth features 12 tracks of high energy steady-rocking Ska punk gems. The title track was inspired by the students and youth movements rising up against gun violence and finding their voice. K-Man felt that, on most issues, he had a lot more in common with the youth of today than the old goats in power and needed to show some support. While the album at first appears to tackle many of the important subjects of the day, the band chose to follow in the path of ska pioneers to present a positive, hopeful, rebellious, uplifting and sometimes humorous point of view…not an easy thing to do at all. The song “Don’t Touch It” deals with drug addiction and homelessness in an all out punk rocking blitz. “Free To Go”, with its infectious dancehall groove, speaks to domestic violence and the feelings of being trapped while still somehow remaining optimistic.

There was no direct intention to write an album that covers so many issues such as mental health, addiction, homelessness, violence, spousal abuse, and gentrification. It just happened to turn out that way. Of course it can’t all be serious as the band firmly displays their unique sense of humor in the “Space Thriller” (250K+ views on YT) sequel “Hero With A Death Ray” and singing about the pure pleasure of a cook-out in Jamaica. They also threw in a Ska cover of Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” for good measure.

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Boids – Dec 6th

Wham, bam, BOIDS are back!
Montreal’s own pop-punk new-wave weirdo trio bring it back hard with their stellar new full-length; Quel Drag.

BOIDS have been turning the punk scene on it’s head since 2012, offering up their trademark mélange of 80’s era thrash with new-wave tinged pop positivity while taking lyrical deep dives into complex and sometimes obscure (always thought provoking) themes. They’re just as much at home playing sweaty basements shows as they are performing at huge festivals and headlining across Europe, the US and Canada. They’ve shared the stage with The Adicts, The Real McKenzies, Gob, The Planet Smashers and The Brains just to name a few.

Quel Drag is eleven massive tracks of freaky fun intensity produced by none other than Tom Thacker of GOB and SUM 41!! Thematically, the new album explodes in an unbridled celebration of the weird and wonderful moments that unite us while firmly rejecting the negative forces that try to bring us all down. Quel Drag is the antithesis to bummer music and quite possibly one the best punk rock albums you’ve heard in a very long time.

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The Planet Smashers

That’s right. The Planet Smashers have somehow managed to survive a quarter century of worldwide touring, non-stop partying and extremely questionable life decisions. An absolute staple in the Canadian music scene, The Smashers have been slinging their two-toney, punky, new wavee party ska to the four corners of the earth with an unapologetic middle finger raised on one hand and a double mai-tai cocktail firmly gripped in the other. The band has faced way more than their fair share of adversity over the years but have always managed to maintain an unequivocally positive and often hilarious approach to life; and this admirable attitude comes shining through in every single one of their songs.

Too Much Information is The Planet Smashers’ ninth full-length album and adds another illustrious set of bangers to their 25 year legacy of unbelievably addictive songwriting and defiant debauchery. These fourteen songs run through a diverse collection of themes ranging from the culture of over-sharing (Too Much Information) to being obsessed by love (Can’t Stop) to eating far too much ice-cream (Brain Freeze) to that one time a couple years back when Matt Smasher broke his neck in four places after a show in Sherbrooke (Break My Neck A Love Song). One thing’s for damn sure, you just can’t keep a good band down.

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The Penske File – Dec 12th

The Penske File have been playing punk rock together for more than half their lives. Which is a quite a feat considering that they are all, just now, collectively entering their mid 20s. Growing up together in suburban Burlington, Ontario, James Hall, Travis Miles & Alexander Standen have been through a lot together. This becomes evident the moment you see them on stage as they feed off each other’s every cathartic note with harmonious ease. No strangers to life on the road, the past few years have seen the band tour North America & Europe relentlessly, sharing the stage with such notable acts as Bad Religion, The Hold Steady, Less Than Jake, The Menzingers and many more.

Salvation, their latest offering, was recorded off the floor with Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, Nothington) at Drive Studios to capture the raw, explosive energy that The Penske File is best know for. Through the course of the 11 new songs, Salvation immediately reveals itself as the band’s most ambitious and honest effort to date. Coaxing the listener through emotive hills and valleys, the record finds the band maintaining their infectious and driving signature sound while building on it immensely.

With their lyrics rooted in honest existential exploration, open chords and anthemic hooks, The Penske File feel like an all-inclusive band for misfits, romantics, workers and thinkers alike

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Real Sickes – Dec 13

The year was 2014, the place was Edmonton and the mission was simple. Spread the highly infectious pop punk contagion to the four corners of the earth and beyond. And, just like that, the first wave of Real Sickies was unleashed. A steady stream of demos and EPs quickly established the Sickies as a local virus to be reckoned with. The band fiercely escalated their fever pitch plans of world domination by sharing the stage with heavyweights Stiff Little Fingers, Subhumans, The Real McKenzies, Giuda, Mean Jeans and The Jolts just to name a few. A couple near disasters almost put the Real Sickies out of commission. Lead singer Ben ironically got real sick and required spinal surgery while a couple of founding members stepped down. This would usually be enough to sink any band; but Ben bounced back like a champion, new members stepped up and Real Sickies released their phenomenal debut album “Get Well Soon”. The band immediately shot out on tour making house calls across nation as many new fans happily succumbed to the sickness for the first time.

And now Real Sickies are launching their pop punk pathogen straight into the final frontier. “Out Of Space” is thirteen rocket-propelled, turbo-boosted, NASA-disavowed tracks of incurable, infectious bliss. Clocking in around thirty minutes, the latest album blasts the patient into orbit with plenty of sweet singalong choruses, blazing down-stroke riffs and enough whoa-ohs to infect even the most jaded extraterrestrial. Real Sickies will be invading a town near you this fall. Until then…Stay sick!

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The Real McKenzies – Dec 17th

Founded in 1992 by the larger than life, Scottish punk-rock poet laureate, Mr Paul McKenzie, this merry band of miscreants has spent a quarter century circumnavigating the globe to bring the McKenzies gospel to an ever-expanding throng of rebels, scallywags and ne’er do wells. There’s not many bands that can boast of a nearly 30 year career as staggeringly adventurous, wildly tempestuous and utterly death-defying as The Real McKenzies. It would be a serious mistake to write them off as just another Celtic punk band (they’ve been around longer than the Dropkick Murphys after all). They are an unstoppable juggernaut of touring mayhem. A ferocious troupe of insanely talented minstrels, storytellers and entertainers melding traditional acoustic and electric instruments to create a sound like no other. Their list of accolades is long. From sharing the stage with the likes of NOFX, Rancid, Flogging Molly, Metallica and Shane McGowan to appearing in film, books and video games to signing with the legendary Fat Wreck Chords, their legend only continues to grow.

Their eleventh full-length album Beer & Loathing is a true return to form for The Real McKenzies. Dueling guitars double up against soaring bagpipes while Paul regales the listener with epic tales of alcohol soaked debauchery, historic sagas and hard-fought personal battles. Whether you’re a McKenzie lifer or new to the game, these 12 glorious songs are sure to get your blood up and your heart pumping.

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The Anti-Queens – Dec 18th

A staple of the Toronto scene for close to ten years, The Anti-Queens are an ultra hard-working, punked up rock n’ roll quartet of super high-powered women poised to take over the world. They’ve become infamous in their hometown of Toronto for their insanely high-energy, take-no-prisoner live performances influenced by the Blackhearts, The Runaways, L7 and the Distillers.

They have toured the US east coast extensively, played all over Canada including some critically acclaimed sets at NXNE, Indie Week, Canadian Music Week, Pouzza Fest, 77 MTL, Montebello Rockfest and a bunch more. They’ve shared the stage with awesome bands like Michael Graves, Die Mannequin, the Planet Smashers and have collaborations with Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off The Earth).

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The Beatdown – Dec 19th

They call it Northern Reggae…A one-hundred proof blend of raspy rocksteady, sizzling soul, surf swagger and punkrock pedigree shaken (not stirred) with a double shot of the roughest roots reggae your ears have ever tasted. Pour it into a highball glass over some ice-cold lyrics and you’ve got The Beatdown’s latest full-length offering “Walkin’ Proud”. Following hot on the heels of their acclaimed 2010 self-titled debut, “Walkin’ Proud” is an apologetic collection of thirteen hard driving, soulful bangers coming straight from the gut. The album was recorded almost entirely live off the floor, capturing the raw live energy, urgency and unmarred production that has made The Beatdown an established underground favorite with fans and newbies alike.

Formed in the mean, cold streets of Montreal, The Beatdown rose from the ashes of the late, great One Night Band after their untimely demise in the winter of 2009. Although only together for 3 short years, this intrepid four-piece gang of hoodlums have played more than 300 shows in 15 countries. They’ve appeared at such renowned festivals as Festival d’Ete (CDN), Victoria Skafest (CDN), Rebellion Fest (UK), Mighty Sounds (CZ), SCENE Fest (CDN), POP Montreal (CDN) and many others. They’ve shared the stage with an eclectic mélange of bands including Walk Off The Earth, Fishbone, Black Crowes, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Madball, UK Subs and The Creepshow just to name a few.

This is the real thing kids. Tough as nails, catchy as hell and good to go; The Beatdown are Walkin’ Proud.

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The Creepshow – Dec 20th

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!
For the past 13+ years The Creepshow have been smashing the whole damn world in the face with their brutaltastic mélange of punk, country, psychobilly and good old-fashioned rock n’ roll. They’ve toured the world, sold a metric shit-ton of records, garnered millions of video views and blown the faces off a ga-zillion fans. The Creepshow has performed in more than 50 countries and shared the stage with Rancid, NOFX, Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, Sham 69 and Reverend Horton Heat just to name a few… But the road to infamy hasn’t always been paved with accolades and sold out shows. Over the years, the band has been fraught with innumerable hardships along the way. From robberies and wrecks to line-up changes and countless personal obstacles, the band has lived through it all. And they always come out on top. With the debut of their first album “Sell Your Soul” in 2006, The Creepshow was immediately catapulted to the forefront of the bourgeoning international psychobilly/punk scene and opened the door for them to bring their eye and ear scorching live show to the four corners of the earth. The release of “Run For Your Life” (2008 Epitaph/Stomp), “They All Fall Down” (2010 Epitaph/Stomp) and “Life After Death” (2013 Stomp/Sailors Grave) further cemented the band as one of the most impressive, critically acclaimed and well-respected touring acts out there.

Which brings us to the epic new album “Death At My Door” released in September ’17. Ten tracks of raging, bloodcurdling and raucously rebellious fury showcase the very best from this roadharderned group of beautiful misfits. The haunting vocal stylings of Kenda Legaspi soar seamlessly over Chuck Coles’ buzzsaw sharp guitar lines and the ragtime gospel organs/keys of the Reverend McGinty; all the while held together by the hard-driving stand-up double-bass slapping rhythms of Sean McNab and the impossibly violent percussive assault of Sandro Sanchioni on drums. From the defiant and empowering “Sticks & Stones” and the incredibly anthemic “Til Death Do Us” to the circle-pit inducing “Tomorrow May Never Come” and the eerily heartwrenching ballad “My Soul To Keep”, Death At My Door is a diverse and addictive album from a genre-defying band who are at the very top of their game… Don’t sleep on this one, because you never know what’s waiting for you just outside your door.

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Gutter Demons are, without a doubt, among the pioneers of the Canadian Psychobilly scene. This Montreal-based three-piece has been burning up stages and melting faces around the globe for nearly two decades with their infectious brand of high octane psycho punk rock n’ roll. The band has paved the way for other great acts like The Creepshow, The Brains and Raygun Cowboys to create a strong, loyal and vibrant community across the country. They’ve shared the stage with The Misfits, Rancid, The Reverend Horton Heat, UK Subs, Vibrators, Leftover Crack, Nashville Pussy (among many others). They’ve headlined international festivals like Psychobilly Meeting (Barcelona), Wreckers Ball (LA), Drop Dead Fest (NYC), Bedlam Fest (UK) and have appeared on countless compilations, seven inches, video game soundtracks and splits.

Now Gutter Demons are blasting back on the scene with their fifth and arguably best album to date. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is eleven tracks of ultra high-caliber, balls-to-the-wall, punked up psycho rock n’ roll. From the blazing opening track to the epic closing medley, the album takes the listener on a hellacious joyride through the eerie underside of life, death and everything in between. These hardworking road warriors take no prisoners. Each and every one of their songs are delivered with the raw spirit of rock n roll; combining a sexed up rockabilly strut with the unapologetic fist in the air of punk rock and the manic mayhem of early metal. The Gutter Demons train is raging full steam ahead with North American tours lined up in fall 2018 and international tours to follow in 2019. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is your all-access ticket to the weirdly wild and undeniably dark world of the Gutter Demons.

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