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Regina’s Dead Levee Release “Shout”, A Rockin’ Track That Came From A Tough Situation

Regina’s Dead Levee Release “Shout”, A Rockin’ Track That Came From A Tough Situation

 Dead Levee is an old-school no-nonsense four-piece rock band from Regina, Saskatchewan. Their aggressive, organic, and attitude-driven style harkens back to the high energy rock of the late 60’s with the attitude of 90’s rock. “Shout,” came about from a tough situation. The band says It’s funny ’cause they can laugh about it now, but their previous singer canceled on them hours before the band had to be on stage for an entire night of live music. To fulfill their contract the band had to improvise. To fill dead air, guitarist “Sweet Baby” Ray Klapatiuk, started playing a random riff and the rest of the band jumped in. Bassist and now lead vocalist Tayler “Izzy” Morgan even started singing lyrics on the spot that fit the vibe. This impromptu jam was brought to the studio, and “Shout” was born.

“Dead Levee as a whole has changed drastically since the production/release of the Rise Up EP. We have a much stronger bond of camaraderie, having removed toxic ego driven dramatic elements of the previous team. All in all, we’ve grown into a happier and healthier band that has twice as much fun and this new release is a sonic renaissance for us. We’re finally feeling in control of the music we produce.”



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