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Just Costa Release 514, A Pop/R&B Homage To Montreal – Dropout’s Song Of The Day

Just Costa Release 514, A Pop/R&B Homage To Montreal – Dropout’s Song Of The Day

Todays Song of The Day is 514 by Just Costa. If you’re from Montreal, this is an incredibly fun shout out, and if you’re not, you can give yourself a little virtual vacation by checking out the music video. Celebrating their hometown with unabashed pride, sibling duo JUST COSTA gives a not-so-subtle nod to Montreal on their new single “514,” from their forthcoming EP Peachy. And if you’re looking to add a little pep to your step for your Friday, this should do it. 

“ The song is a love letter to our city,” says Juliana Just Costa. “We feel so lucky to be from here; people are so unique and open. It’s such a free-spirited place; inspiration can be found everywhere.”

 Juliana and Jesse Just Costa offer listeners a sunny disposition and take on life, which is refreshing to hear at this point in the pandemic.  The duo fuses Pop, R&B, and G-Funk, resulting in a veritable sonic melting pot that one could easily tie back to the multicultural convergence found in their hometown.

 “’514’ is a special one for us, not only because of the subject matter, but because it was the first song we recorded and produced entirely on our own, in our own studio”, remarks Jesse. “We really got to the heart of who we are as artists since we had full creative control”.

 “We were creating an ode to the city of Montreal – so fresh, groovy, and upbeat were at the top of the list,” Juliana continue. “We wanted it to feel urban, but also classic. The city is electric, artistic, unique, and home to the stories of more than 3 million people.”

 I love the fact that artists like Just Costa are taking matters into their own hands during these hard times, not only continuing to put out music but learning more about themselves as artists and pushing their creative boundaries. Like the recording, making the video was also very special for the duo as they directed, produced and edited the whole thing themselves.

 “We shot the video all over town, capturing some of our favourite neighbourhoods and landmarks. It was the only way to do the song and video justice,” says Jesse. “We shot the whole video in one 12-hour day, starting up on the Mont-Royal and ending by performing on the water in the Old Port with our band.”

 “Montreal’s got no shortage of funky, interesting people, and we met a bunch of quirky characters along the way, some who ended up in the video”, says Juliana. “In the end, we couldn’t think of a better way to pay homage to the city we love.”

So take a trip down the 514 today, and let the Montreal vibes soak in. This sibling duo’s new song is a ton of fun, and just the thing to get the weekend kicked off. This is 514 by Just Costa on Dropout’s Song of The Day.

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