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Dani Kristina Releases New Video For “One Night Stand”

Dani Kristina Releases New Video For “One Night Stand”

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Dani Kristina has recently released an elegant new music video for her powerful single, “One Night Stand,” which was self-directed and edited by Kristina herself. “One Night Stand” is a personal and heartfelt ballad, which features layers of strings, synths, drums, and passionate vocals. Dani masterfully plays with the dynamics to build and release tension throughout the track.

“It’s about a risky romantic experience that was cut short by borders closing, which reflects on how things may have progressed if things were different,” explained Dani. “It examines many ‘what ifs’ but as much as the song remains hopeful, it’s actually telling a sad story of someone who really falls for another person, but never gets to explore it fully.”

The music video for “One Night Stand” shows Kristina in a beautiful room, which is at times filled with so much natural light it seems like you can feel heat from the sun, and at others filled with clouds. Her movements line up between the shots, providing a tie in to the contrasting shots and leading back to that concept of “What If”. Dani can be seen pacing the room, laying on the bed, and completely embodying who she is in the song.

Co-written with guitarist and friend Andrew Sporcic, “One Night Stand” was produced by Trevor James Anderson and recorded at Noble Street Studios in Toronto. Click below to give it a watch!


You can find more of Dani’s music at

And if you want to see her music live, she’ll be performing at Tune In Fest on September 5th! Tickets are available at



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