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New Ones at Noon E41 (Feat. Moore Ave Underground, Sarah Neufeld, and Kandle)

New Ones at Noon E41 (Feat. Moore Ave Underground, Sarah Neufeld, and Kandle)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E41 (Feat. Moore Ave Underground, Sarah Neufeld, and Kandle)

Episode Note: This episode deals with the subject of alchol abuse and addiction. If you need help with dealing with any kind of addiction visit:

Moore Ave Underground

Moore Ave Underground is a Southern Ontario pop-punk band. That have carved out a name for themselves with live shows that are 1000% percent guaranteed to make you move. The band gets its name from a basement apartment – or maybe just a basement – they set up a whole recording studio situation down there and eventually started accepting guests and contributors, and the rest is modern indie-punk music history. The band has just released their new single ‘6-feet’. This is what Shawn McDonald of Moore Ave Underground has to say about the song. 

“The song’s inspiration stems from a subliminal vision band member Josh Gaudette had while his dad was dying” Gaudette says.

“Essentially, he was giving me his last words, and pieces of advice to take with me into the future,” Josh continues. “But with my dad still being alive and well, it was even weirder for me being at his bedside as he was ailing within the dream. Even more disturbing was receiving the call that he was gone…

“In the dream, it all seemed so real,” he adds. “It made me feel super creeped out, and the whole experience of writing the song had this super creepy vibe to it, as well. I think that comes through in the track.” 

I lost my dad in 2013 and when I see him in a dream I have not doubt that hes there and just saying hey and making sure I’m cool. Whatever this thing called life is, it’s weird. This is ‘6-feet’ by Moore Ave Underground.

For more information on Moore Ave Underground Visit:

With Love and Blindness by Sarah Neufeld

I want to get a bit in the deep end of music if you don’t mind. I’ve written about Sarah Neufeld on the site before. Neufeld is the incredibly talented violinist, and composer, probably best known for her work with the oh-so-Canadian, ArcadeFire – Just a heads up, this isn’t a pop track. This is Sarah Neufelds new song ‘With Love and Blindness’ is an incredibly complex, self-reflective –  instrumental track, that for me at least – leaves you alone to journey to a place in your mind where everything is beautiful and complicated. This is Sarah Neufeld’s new track ‘With Love and Blindness’.

For more on Sarah Neufeld visit:

Honey Trap by Kandle

Kandle is moving forward. I can’t help but hope we all are, myself included. There’s something compelling about the darkness, I don’t really know how else to say that. It’s like a human compulsion to see what we can get away with, in the hopes that maybe we’re immortal. When we know we’re not. 

Kandle is a BC singer-songwriter. Embodying everything between cabaret and modern rock, and inspired by the greatest of greats like Sherly Bassey, Billie Holiday and Nancy Sinatra Kandles music is almost certainly capable of feeling maybe a little alone but definitely powerful. It’s the kind of music I guess a lot of us need right now, and a lot of us will probably always need in our lives. Those of us who see the darkness for what it is, the necessary thing that needs to be, for there to be light. 

For more information on Kandle visit:

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