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Folk Pop Singer/Songwriter Noah Malcolm Releases New Single “City/Country”

Folk Pop Singer/Songwriter Noah Malcolm Releases New Single “City/Country”

Folk pop singer/songwriter Noah Malcolm has just released a new single for anyone who has ever left home, wherever that is. “City/Country” is a beautiful new track that explores the emotions of being torn between two contrasting Canadian lifestyles. Like many Canadian musicians, Noah Malcolm had moved to the countries hub for music, Toronto, for more opportunity. And like many Canadian musicians who have moved here, he’s weighed the pro’s and cons of staying in the city. Toronto definitely has it’s plusses and pre-covid one major one was the fact that you could explore music from artists of all walks of life on any given night, but anybody who has been transplanted here will certainly tell you it comes it’s share of downfalls. Malcolm had been in Toronto for 5 years, before recently relocating to his hometown on Prince Edward Island.

“I wrote this song this past November on a crystal clear morning in my hometown. I came back to the Island from Toronto for my grandmother’s funeral, not knowing the ways I would reconnect with my first home. I haven’t left yet. The things I would have to confront; putting Toronto/relationships on pause, overanalyzing where I should be and at what costs..the weight of it all piled and piled and resulted in this song being written. Recorded live at The Sound Mill in Prince Edward Island, the accompanying video shares footage from the live-take recording interspersed with personal memories from both Toronto and PEI.”

Noah Malcolm is a very talented songwriter and regardless of where he lands, make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming music! As an artist who moved from Saskatchewan to Toronto I can certainly relate to the song so I might be a little bit biased, but I feel that if you’ve ever moved and called another part of this beautiful your new home, you’ll relate too. Click below to watch Noah Malcolm perform “City/Country” and keep an eye peeled for a new video interview with Noah Malcolm coming soon!

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