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Fall of Earth Release New Music Video From The Ashes

Fall of Earth Release New Music Video From The Ashes

Edmonton’s Hybrid Metal four piece Fall of Earth have recently released their latest music video “From The Ashes” and it’s five and a half minutes of unfiltered aggression, extraordinary musicianship and an energy that will stay flowing through you long after the song ends. Fall Of Earth incorporates elements of Metalcore, Death, Thrash, Groove, Nu, and Progressive into a sound that is completely their own, creating an incredible and fresh new take on metal. I had the opportunity to see Fall of Earth for the first time recently during Indie Night In Canada and their live set blew me away, these are four guys that are so passionate about what they do that it’s almost impossible not to feel it coming off the stage. There’s a lot of metal bands out there who sound great live or sound great on recording, and when I watched From The Ashes I was excited to learn this band brings the best of both worlds. Whether you see them on stage on the screen, Fall of Earth is truly a force of nature and if you’re looking for one of Canada’s next big metal bands right before they blow up, look no further!

The song and video for From The Ashes speak about levels of childhood abuse, reclamation, and metamorphosis. Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, all people are capable of rehabilitation and recovering from trauma. Neglected and beaten as a child and into early adulthood, the character of this song resists their oppressive parent and chooses to rise above the smoke (uncertainty) and evil of their past.

“This track is practically death metal and is incrdibly fast and heavy. It jumps into the evil riffs right off the bat without warning. You can’t put the brakes on this song, it just rips all the way through and also contains our first-ever breakdown to finish it off”

Click below to watch From The Ashes and keep scrolling for more info the band and the song lyrics.

About the band

Fall of Earth is one of those bands where every member is extremely talented at what they do, and when it all comes together it’s hard to tell what to watch or listen to, because there’s so many intricate things going on at all times. The band is led by the growls, screams, and soaring clean vocals of Inuit frontman Alex Rye, who captivates every audience member with his energy and showmanship. Alex has honed the different metal vocal styles and switches between them flawlessly, allowing the songs to take you on a very varied metal journey by the time each song finishes. The flying fingers of axeslinger Brody Braun produce a dizzying array of sounds that regularly elicits screams of rapture from the audience, and I don’t know if I’ve seen a metal guitar player look so happy to be up on stage while simultaneously shredding the crowd’s faces off. With all the incredibly intricate guitar sounds coming from the stage, if you closed your eyes it would be hard to believe it’s all coming from one man. The progressive and primal low end is provided by bass wielder Aaron Winklmeier, as he muscles his way (both literally and figuratively… his arms are probably bigger than my head) around the stage. Brendan Meilleur brings the elite combination of highenergy drum fills and expressive grooves, all while contributing vocal harmonies. 

Fall Of Earth is a play on words that reflects their core belief that the world is experiencing a multitude of issues including climate change, war, and mass extinctions that is leading us all to a darker place as a society. The band hopes to use the power of music to help the world recover.

From The Ashes Lyrics

Call upon a flame
Burning seething
Reborn in ice, living in fire
Perseverance through bleeding
thy wings
Embrace the fire
Scars that will not heal
Flesh is all pealed
Find myself
In a world now revealed
Pulling at my core
A new rebirth
Grand destruction
for revival
The stars realign, a purpose now clear
A limited time, before I disappear
make it worthwhile, or die with regret
You’ll know my name when I rise from the ashes
Beaten my whole life
Abused since day one
A broken human being
Never taught love
Since day one beaten I am the damned x4
Only shown hatred
Not able to move on
But I w
ill chose to fight
And rise above





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