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Interview With Queens & Kings + New Music Video Earthquake

Interview With Queens & Kings + New Music Video Earthquake

I had the opportunity to sit down with Brendan and Alissa of Queens & Kings for an interview to discuss their long anticipated new music video and single “Earthquake”. The band gives an in depth look into the creation of the birth and creation of the song and some behind the scenes stories about the music video and a peak into the minds of this incredibly unique post-punk garage rock duo. 

Written and first performed by the duo near the beginning of the band’s inception back in 2018, the song has been a major staple of the duo’s set and has opened the door to a lot more freedom for such a small band. Featuring Brendan on both guitars and drums, the song gives Alissa a chance to break away from the drum kit and really work her magic as a front-woman. The music video was shot in two days, the first day with a small crew which I had the opportunity to get behind the camera on filming, with Danny Santos as stage assistant and Kirsten Sonntag doing BTS photography back in the fall of 2021. It was at an abandoned motel Brendan just happened upon.

“It was an instance of the right place, at the right time as the building was demolished shortly after the footage was filmed. It’s nice to have immortalized it and given it one last shining moment before it was flattened.”

Enjoy the interview and if you haven’t seen it yet, click below to watch the music video for Queens & Kings anthemic song of self-empowerment, “Earthquake”.



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