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Fall of Earth Live @ The El Mocambo (Photoset)

Fall of Earth Live @ The El Mocambo (Photoset)

Fall of Earth is a different genre that has been called Hybrid Metal. With each member of the band being influenced by a wide variety of Hard Rock and Metal sub-genres, the music they have created stretches boundaries and results in a unique sound all their own. Each song is crafted with meaningful lyrics written to tell stories of life, both tragic and inspiring. Talented and Passionate with a flair for owning the stage, they have rapidly development a reputation as “can’t miss” live performers. There are Big Things ahead for Fall Of Earth!

Fall Of Earth is led by the growls, screams, and soaring clean vocals of Inuit frontman Alex Rye, who captivates every audience member with his energy and showmanship. The flying fingers of axe slinger Brody Braun produce a dizzying array of sounds that regularly elicits screams of rapture from the audience. The progressive and primall low end is provided by bass wielder Aaron Winklmeier, as he muscles his way (both literally and figuratively) around the stage. Brendan Meilleur brings the elite combination of high energy drum fills and expressive grooves, all while contributing vocal harmonies. Collectively, the members of Fall Of Earth possess the highest levels of musicianship while never forgetting to put on the exceptional live show the band has become known for delivering. Its more than rock show, it’s an experience!

Fall Of Earth is a play on words that reflects their core belief that the world is experiencing a multitude of issues including climate change, war, and mass extinctions that is leading us all to a darker place as a society. The band hopes to use the power of music to help the world recover



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