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Power-Pop-Punk Outfit Full Throttle Releases “Premature”

Power-Pop-Punk Outfit Full Throttle Releases “Premature”

London, Ontario’s audacious power-pop-punk outfit Full Throttle has just dropped their latest EP “Premature,” and it’s already sending shockwaves through the music industry. The six-track powerhouse EP is available right now, delivering an adrenaline rush of unbridled youth and the untamed heart of punk.

Produced by the renowned Siegfried Meier (Face to Face, Kittie) at Beach Road Studios and released with Lemmon Entertainment, “Premature” is set to become the defiant anthem of a new generation. Through its tracks, the band captures the complex tapestry of teenage escapades, from the throes of love to the trials of heartbreak, all while keeping the party alive with the unyielding energy of pop-punk.

“The essence of ‘Premature’ is the raw pulse of youth—imperfect, immediate, and impossible to ignore,” Jessica Lemmon states. “This EP is for every person who’s navigated the chaos of growing up. These are songs that don’t just resonate; they reverberate through the core of what it means to be young and restless.”

The EP’s standout track “After Party” serves as the perfect metaphor for the band’s philosophy: the party doesn’t end until the last note fades. Full Throttle invites fans to dive into the immersive story behind this hit and the entire tracklist:

Fuck Tom Brady
Parking Lot
Caffeine Hangover
Pretty Girl
Only Good Thing
After Party

Amidst the release’s buzz, Full Throttle is also gearing up for a home-ground release show at Toboggan in London, ON, where Full Throttle will kick things into high gear in support of United Way.

About Full Throttle:

Electrifying stages and streaming playlists alike, Full Throttle has been a breath of fresh air in the pop-punk landscape. From sell-out shows to smashing streaming records, they’ve crafted a sound that’s not just heard but felt—a sound that’s garnered them a loyal following across generations. With “Premature,” they’re not just on the cusp of their next chapter—they’re writing the future of pop-punk.



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