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Fall of Earth Release New Music Video For “The Dead And Soon To Be”

Fall of Earth Release New Music Video For “The Dead And Soon To Be”

Edmonton hybrid metal band Fall of Earth have recently released their latest music video “The Dead And Soon To Be” and it’s certainly not your typical metal music video. I first discovered Fall of Earth’s music in 2023 and have a big fan ever since, they deliver hard and heavy tracks that are incredible both on recording and live on a stage, and they add a really fun energy to it, which you can witness in this new video. The video mixes performance shots with the band going on an adventure after escaping from a sanitarium… at first you assume that after their escape their going to go do, you know, metal things, but it goes a very fantastic and different direction. Here are a couple things I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a metal video, blowing bubbles, flying a kite, yo-yos and going out for ice cream, all which are included in this adventure. The song itself is great, it features nice and heavy guitars (and a kick ass solo), a blasting force from the rhythm section, and a combination of melodic and in your face vocals that take you as much of an adventure as the video does, click below to check it out!



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