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Toronto Alt-Pop Musician Lisa Humber Releases New Music Video “The Devil’s Advocate”

Toronto Alt-Pop Musician Lisa Humber Releases New Music Video “The Devil’s Advocate”

Toronto alt-pop musician Lisa Humber shares her empowering new single ‘The Devil’s Advocate’. ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ was written in collaboration with producer/guitarist Justin Abedin, whom Lisa met backstage whilst working on Come From Away in Toronto. He also played a significant role in her debut EP, The Space Between, released in 2022, helping to infuse beauty into her work and shape her lyrics and melodies. The release of this new single launches a quadriptych of new music to be released from Lisa in 2024.

“‘The Devil’s Advocate’ delves into introspection on love, mistakes, and self-discovery,” says Lisa. “It’s a song about facing the fallout of ignoring warning signs, playing games, and owning up to my part in the chaos. We’ve all been on that rollercoaster of growth, and this tune encapsulates the essence of breaking away from past choices while asserting newfound empowerment.”

Embracing her “Empowered Epoch,” Lisa aimed to showcase it both on and off-camera with the music video for ‘The Devil’s Advocate’. Assembling the band for the shoot was a breeze: Jessica Stuart (JESSA,) on guitar, drummer Allyson MacIvor, and Melissa Mather on bass—each exceptional in their own right. The video was co-directed by her longtime friend and collaborator Steffi Didomenicantonio, and the multi-talented pop princess Rafa Weyman (Ralph) serving as the behind-the-scenes set photographer. Queer icons Lauren Wotherspoon (cinematographer) and Jaimee Q. Vicente-Hall (associate producer) complete this stellar team.



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