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Interview with Sydney Blu

Interview with Sydney Blu
You’re set to perform at Electric Island. Are you excited for the show?

I can not explain HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS SHOW! Hopefully the capslock gets the point across. In all seriousness it’s been a long time coming …or at least wanting to play so I’m really honored to play amongst such an incredible lineup.

Can you tell us about the early days of your career? What was it like being a Canadian female DJ when you started all this?

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I started out being a local DJ. Gigging every weekend in Toronto.I never really thought about the fact that I was a female. I just worked hard and tried to get the same gigs the guys were getting. I had a lot of residencies at the top clubs in Toronto and by 2008 I released my first big record which allowed me to be signed and tour the world.

You performed at one of Canada’s biggest solo dance events in history with Deadmau5 during his Meowingtons Hax Tour in front of 35,000 people. How was that experience?

It was incredible. I have never played for a crowd like that. My whole family was there and I got a lot of new younger fans after that show. Was really impressive to see that many kids come out for dance music.

What are a few other Canadian artists you’re listening to right now?

Canadian artists I’m listening to? I love Carlo Lio’s music. Always have. I also love music by newer producers like Simply City, The Fitness & Pony, Leo Franco, Nitin, Jade, Jonathan Rosa and Daniel Dubb.

Magnetic Magazine just premiered your new track Runaway the other day. Can you tell us the story behind the new song?

I wrote Runaway about a year ago. It got signed by house music legend Kerri Chandler. Such an honour to be on his label MadTech Records.

Asides for playing all over North America, you’ve performed countries like Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Asia, Mexico, Tunisia, and Egypt. How different or similar are the dance scenes across the world?

They are different scenes in the sense that not everyone loves the same music. Some markets like things more underground, harder, deeper, more vocals…it depends where you are. Mexico for example, loves techno! But everywhere in the world has their own tastes…yet the similarity is that the music brings people together like a community. Electronic music does this.

Your track “Give it up to me”, which was released on Mau5trap Recordings broke records and was one of Beatport’s highest selling songs. You were the first female electronic DJ to have a top 10 hit on the platform. Can you tell us a little about the track and your reaction when you found out that news?

Give it up for me was released in 2008 and it went into the Beatport charts just like any other record does after a few days of being out and I watched it climb the charts to hit #1. It wasn’t really a surprise because everything that was coming out on Mau5trap at the time was doing super well. It was just an honor to be on that label and get my first start with them.

Your label Blu Music has released multiple chart toppers over the years, and has been one of the most successful labels on Beatport charts in its history. What inspired the creation of Blu Music?

It was 2009 and I was wanting to start my own brand and event series, label. I had success on Mau5trap and figured why not use that success to start my own label. 10 years later we are still going strong so it was definitely a good decision.

You’re known for your relentless tour schedule. What are a few of your favourite places to perform a set?

I love Miami and New York. Both cities GET good electronic music. Same with San’s the best city on the west coast. I’m also a huge fan of Montreal. Stereo has been around for 20 years and is the best place to play.

You became a very well known member of the edm scene across Canada before moving to Miami in 2010 to pursue opportunities in a larger market. Asides for the obvious size difference, can you tell us a few other differences you noticed between the electronic community down south and the one here in Toronto?

Between Miami and Toronto. Miami in general is more of a commercial market in some respects because it’s a vacation spot. Toronto is more of a metropolitan city …both have great underground music scenes. Miami seems to like Tribal techno a lot. I’d say both are pretty similar in regards to electronic place is just hotter 🙂

What brought you back to Toronto after living in Miami and L.A?

I just thought Toronto was ahead of the curve for music. They seemed to be on point with having artists leave and blow up or make it….so i decided since they were ahead of the curve I would come back. It definitely paid off. I’ve been more musically inspired the last 2 years than i ever have.

Do you think it’s important to surround yourself with other artists?

Yes definitely.That is key. Having a good network, helping each other out is what it is all about.

What do you do when you’re not making music or performing, what do you do in your downtime?

I do a lot of yoga, i hang out with my dog and i exercise when I can. I also love going to chill in my hometown of Thunder Bay

Do you have any advice for local artists looking to taking their music around the world?

Yes write music and work hard on being signed to relevant bigger labels. Promote yourself, get to know the ins and out of social media. Writing music is key though…i think focusing on that is the main piece of advice.

You can catch Sydney Blu at Electric Island this weekend, tickets are available at



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