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The Royal Foundry – Wakeup Wakeup (New Video & Album)

The Royal Foundry – Wakeup Wakeup (New Video & Album)

Alberta alternative pop quartet The Royal Foundry have just released a new video “Wakeup Wakeup”, which is the title track of their second album, set to be released on September 27th. Is it possible to have the heebie jeebies but in…well a good way? Because if it is, the use of panty hose and psychedelic video editing effects hits it on the head. The track itself is amazing, if you’ve been following the band you’ll notice that it is a bit of a departure from the poppier sound that was on their last record towards a gritter, more alternative sound. 

“We find it a bit hard to stick to one lane in a musical sense,” Salte begins. “With this new al-
bum, we wanted to explore a few different genres and sub-genres, but we also dialled back some of the pop sensibilities from the first record. But we see WAKEUP WAKEUP as a rather natural shift in our sound. Some bands have a formula to rehash the same kind of song and sound with each new record, but we’re more interested in somewhat reinventing ourselves with each release.”

“Where Lost In Your Head was pretty evenly splitdown the middle between pop and alt rock, we’ve taken a few more chances with our new album,” Schumacher says. Check out their new video below, and if you like what you hear keep up to date with their website to see when they’re coming to a city near you, the band is embarking on a Canadian tour next month!



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