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New Ones at Noon E52 (Feat. Howlin’ Circus, Alicia Toner, and Pekoe Cat)

New Ones at Noon E52 (Feat. Howlin’ Circus, Alicia Toner, and Pekoe Cat)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E52 (Feat. Howlin' Circus, Alicia Toner, and Pekoe Cat)

‘Only for a Night’ by Howlin’ Circus

Howlin’ Circus is the brainchild of London-born Iraqi musician Jafar Sandouk. The Toronto based artist and the Howlin Circus project are working to remove the machismo from rock music focusing instead on introspection, honesty and much needed vulnerability. All of this comes through in an Eastern inspired psychedelic rock sound. Howlin’ Circus has received acclaim from critics, they have toured Europe and even handed out a whack load of pre-rolled joints at a show the day Canada legalized cannabis. No one really knew how it was supposed to work then. Howlin Circus has just released a new single and it’s more than worth a listen.

For more information on Howlin’ Circus visit

‘Jokes on Me’ by Alicia Toner

Alicia Toner grew up on the East Coast, Toner writes songs that tell the truth and are built around her eloquently emotive voice. Alicia’s debut album “I Learned the Hard Way” made waves with its earnest, heartfelt songwriting and earned the artist Music PEI’s SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award as well as numerous other nominations and critical acclaim. The artist has just released her second full length album, the album is called Joan. The name of the album reflects how personal the songs on the album are to the artist. We talk about why that is and what makes this album a departure from her previous work in this episode’s interview.

For more information on Alicia Toner visit

‘Guitar Monster’ by Pekoe Cat

Pekoe Cat is a progressive experimental indie pop artist from Belleville Ontario. If you don’t know where Belleville is, that’s ok and Pekoe Cat forgives you. For the record I do know where Belleville is and it’s actually very nice. I recommend a visit if you’re looking for a small town getaway. I’m off track. Music producer, multi-instrameliat and comedian Kyle Woolven became Pekoe Cat after being inspired to push the limits of his creative capabilities. Push them he did. His music might not jive with everyone but not everyone has good taste. 😉

For more information on Pekoe Cat visit Light Organ Records

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