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BingeNinja – Why Don’t I Want You To Be Happy? (New Video)

BingeNinja – Why Don’t I Want You To Be Happy? (New Video)

Last night BingeNinja released a new music video for their track “Why Don’t I Want You To Be Happy?”. One of the things that I love about BingeNinja is that each track seems like it’s own unique piece of art, you never know what’s coming next. And this one is definitely it’s own unique piece of art. The video was witten by BingeNinja’s Shane Burrow and shot, edited and co-directed by Shawn Hook-Carleton. The music video for “Why Don’t I Want You To Be Happy?” is nearly six minutes long, which is a long time to keep a viewer engaged for, but Burrow and Hook-Carlton manage to achieve this, not through the use of any special effects or lots of action, but through finely framed cinematic and aluringly coloured shots. It takes us along for a ride with the singer who’s going on a journey through Toronto, with the viewer not knowing quite where he, or the video is going until the end where it all comes together perfectly, landing on a great and powerful ending scene. The video is a great companion to the emotional journey that Burrow’s lyrics and music hauntingly take you through. 

To find out more about BingeNinja follow and to watch our latest interview with Shane Burrow click below!



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