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Halifax Punk Rock Band The Bloody Hell REleases Stop Animation Video For “When You’re Gone”

Halifax Punk Rock Band The Bloody Hell REleases Stop Animation Video For “When You’re Gone”

The Bloody Hell is what would happen If George Thorogood sang for the Misfits but all the songs were written by Tom Petty. Super catchy horror rock songs about drinking and heartache played at punk rock speed. The Bloody Hell are currently working on a full lenghth album, the follow up to their debut self-titled EP which won Loud Recording of The Year at The Nova Scotia Music Awards, and to tie fans over until then they’ve released “When You’re Gone”. A glimpse of what’s to come on the new EP, “When You’re Gone” is a dark love song that finds hope in a horrible situation, musically reflected with the grit and aggression of classic punk rock but with pop undertones of earworm melodies. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that you knew was going to fail but weren’t quite ready to accept to it you might relate to these lyrics. The video itself takes this song to a much darker and creepier place than if you listen to the song by itself, it does an incredible job of drawing out emotions and making the viewer pay attention to the symbolism, all through stop animation. The video is enthrawling and adds quite the element to an already great song. Almost immediately I realized that I had seen this video style before, the video was created by stop motion animator Diane Lindo who also did their video “Out of Our Minds“, which was nominated for an Independent Music Video of The Year Award in 2019. Diane has an incredible talent of telling emotionally complex stories without the need for any human actors.

Formed in 2017, The Bloody Hell has gotten dirtier and more polished at the same time, with the band infecting fans with their pop-cultural hooks and concepts, while the guitars keep getting louder and the vocals becoming uglier. Suitable for a variety of fans, The Bloody Hell cites influences ranging from Misfits, Nirvana and Motorhead, anyone who enjoys a fun and dirty romp with a bull horn of grungy vocals. So keep an eye out for their upcoming full length album and tie yourself over until then by clicking below to watch their new video for “When You’re Gone”.


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