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Mountain Head – Your Own Ocean (New Single)

Mountain Head – Your Own Ocean (New Single)

Mountain Head just released their sixth single today and like the first five, it’s amazing. When you hear a new song and it’s really good, it’s not abnormal for it to get stuck in your head for a few days. But I feel like every time I hear a new Mountain Head song it gets stuck in my soul for a couple days. That combination of psychedelic vocals, flowing bass lines, rock n roll guitars and mesmerizing synths really moves right through you, like water through an ocean.

If the last half of 2019 is any indicator, 2020 should be quite the year for Mountain Head. They started us off with this banger and if you’re looking to hear more (and live in Toronto) they’re playing tonight at The Drake. They have also been nominated for the best Canadian Indie Music Video of 2019 and will be performing at The Awards Show on Feb 13th at The Hideout. For more info and tickets click here

And to find out more info and Mountain Head’s first 5 singles, click here



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