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Stacking Boxes by Aracebo Ft Jiffy (New Single)

Stacking Boxes by Aracebo Ft Jiffy (New Single)

Aracebo and Jiffy teamed us to bring us a new tune and if you want to keep your head bobbing through these crazy times I recommend giving it a listen! If you’ve been following Dropout, you may reckognize that power house of a voice, Jiffy is the singer of the band Anything But that was voted best rock song in the first iteration of the Canadian Indendent Music Video Awards. And if your a fan of Jiffy or Anything But you may have been expecting to hear a rock song, but this is something made in a beautifully fresh new direction. The song blends in little shimmers of rock with EDM, with different sounds and styles weaving in and out around some greatly laid out vocals.  I asked Jiffy how working on an EDM track as a rock artist and he responded “Fun!  Working in a new genre is always a blast, and I’ve been a fan of dance / house / trance music forever.”

The lyrics of the song share a great messsage about keeping moving forward, which is a message that we all need right now. When asked what inspired the lyrics Jiffy said “This one was a little weird.  My friend called me up one day and was having a meltdown.  The entire beginning of the tune is a description of what I was feeling on the other end of the phone.

Later in the song, I worked with Pete (Aracebo) to develop something with the same feel, but using more of a ‘word-painting’ approach.  And the fast rap-like section, I honestly wanted to try a style I’ve never tried before.”

Artists like Jiffy and Aracebo are keeping the world filled with music during this pandemic, bringing us new tunes and hope for brighter days. When asked how Covid 19 has been affecting him as an artist he told us “Not going out and playing regularly SUCKS!  I’m going to try and take advantage of the weather and the fact parks are now open with busking (I’ve always preferred to play stages, but now with the Covid, I guess the outside world will be my stage). Also, I have started doing regular 1 min dedication clips on Instagram.  It’s been fun getting requests and learning an abridged cover and sending it out to someone.  If anyone wants me to play their favourite tune, message me @JiffySchellenbomb on Insta.” If you’re not following him already, you definitely should be, cause those one minute covers have been pretty awesome. You can also stay up to date with his new music, and I’m told that the two have another song in the works that I can’t wait to hear!

So keep on stacking on those boxes and as a final messsage to anyone reading this from Jiffy “PLEASE do what you can to get phase 2 of this lockdown under way.  Bars and venues are going to be the last things to open, so masks and social distancing are your best buds (find some grass with a couple friends, lay out your personal blankets, and go to town on your… refreshments).”



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