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RELEASE DAY EP 5 – Julian Taylor

RELEASE DAY EP 5 – Julian Taylor

Welcome to “Release Day,” an ongoing series where we sit down with Canadian musicians of all genres to discuss their latest releases from singles to albums, and their strategy behind releasing it to the world.

We are honoured & proud to be releasing our latest episode of Release Day with Julian Taylor at such an important time. Today is Juneteenth, otherwise known as “Black Independence Day.” June is also recognized as National Indigenous History Month in Canada. Today, June 19th, 2020, Julian released his new album “The Ridge.” A day in which would be his grandmother’s birthday, of whom the album’s title track was written about.

Julian is of West Indian and Mohawk descent, first making his name as the frontman of Canadian rock band Staggered Crossing in the early 2000s. Over the course of his 25 years in the music industry, Julian Taylor has released 10 albums. Between “The Julian Taylor Band” and his self-titled solo work, his music has been classified as pop, rock, RnB, Soul & Americana. But he refuses to accept a box for his music to be placed in, it’s all Rock ‘N’ Roll to him – as it should be. 

His latest record “The Ridge,” is a beautiful piece of historical reflection and of the present world around us, as well as admiration for the loved ones in his life. It has been recognized worldwide, drawing well deserved accolades for his music for the first time from countries in Europe, Australia and Asia. 


Join Alex Huard as Julian Taylor takes him through the story behind the title track of the album, how release day has changed over the course of 2 decades, and how the Canadian music industry has rallied around each other in support during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 


You can order your physical copy of “The Ridge” or stream it everywhere today:


You can read more about National Indigenous History month here:


And learn more about Juneteenth here:


Release Day Credits

Created by: Alex Huard

Associate Producer & Editor: Graham Bieri 

Stock Photos: Pexels and Unsplash



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