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Toronto Art-Pop Artist Rich Aucoin’s New Single Reset From His Upcoming Album United States

Toronto Art-Pop Artist Rich Aucoin’s New Single Reset From His Upcoming Album United States

Rich Aucoin is a Toronto based alt-pop singer/songwriter with a new album coming out in September called ‘United States’, and I for one am looking forward to its release date. Not just because I’m genuinely curious about what the world will look like in the future as far away as September but because of the tidbit singles and ‘visuals’ the artist has released in anticipation of the album’s release.

The first single released early from Aucion’s new album is a catchy little revolutionary-esq tune called Reset. It’s fucking fantastic. Listen to it. Then, share it with your friends. Art reflects life; and the narrative of the gun-violence, inequality, and general douchebaggery is an old one.

When I was a teenager (*pauses to put on a warmer cardigan*) bands spoke out against the system, often with no clear understanding or message about what they were speaking out against. The system just sucked. We knew it sucked but could never put our finger on exactly why it sucked. Some of us just blamed the whole situation on George W. Bush, America’s second-worst president. Aucoin and others like him represent a new generation of alternative artists who are making important music. Aucoin’s music isn’t always overtly political, but it’s always overtly thoughtful and experimental. It’s music that makes you think while you groove on it.

Artists like Aucoin understand two very important things, 1. politics is important, and 2. There are far more important things about life than politics, in particular, life itself.



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