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Interview with Radium Moon

Interview with Radium Moon

Radium Moon is a Montreal-based alt-rock project headed by Brandon Muir, along with Sandrine Chouinard and Raphael Poletti. The three artists are drawn together to create by their love of live performances and unapologetic heart-stopping sounds. Radium Moon has just released their latest single ‘Pushing Daisies’, a song that reflects on being an emerging artist nearing mid-life. Jesse Read caught up with the band to talk about their new single as well as their latest music video for their last single, ‘Supersonic Jesus’.

Montreal is a beautiful city with an incredible and vibrant creative community and music scene. The city is packed with experiences including great food, insane nightlife, and best of all a truly rocking indie music scene. A perfect example can be found by looking no further than Montreal-based alt-rock band Radium Moon. Consisting of Brandon Muir on vocals, Sandrine Chouinard on vocals and bass, and Raphael Poletti on drums, the band delivers incredible energy during live performances and in the studio alike. The band recently released their new single ‘Pushing Daisies’, a song inspired by the realities of the challenging experience of being a professional artist.

The mainstream doesn’t work for everyone and this band has found an audience seeking something powerful and different. Beyond their newest single, the band has also released a new music video for their single ‘Supersonic Jesus’, which includes an ending it was hard not to spoil. The video was animated and produced by Thomas Talus and is out now on YouTube.

Both ‘Supersonic Jesus’ and ‘Pushing Daisies’ by Radium Moon are out now, and available anywhere you get your music.



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