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Indie Week Canada 2018 Opening Night at Revival

Indie Week Canada 2018 Opening Night at Revival

Last night along College St. West, at the recently opened Revival, was the first night of Indie Week Canada 2018, running until November 11, 2018. Indie Week Canada 2018, not to be confused with Canadian Music Week or NXNE, is an annual music festival and conference held in Toronto, Canada and Manchester, UK respectively. The festivals focus primarily on music and indie music business acumen 101; along with a film festival element and an overall commitment to independent craft beer – from what we could tell at the opening party, they are really into Hopcity.

The Revival venue was a great choice for the opening night of Indie Week Canada 2018 – the venue can certainly hold it’s own when you set it up as a rock venue. Spread over two fairly intimate floors, opening night guests were entertained by a sick bill that included Canadian acts LGS, Double Experience, The Wolfe and The Crooked; as well as UK acts Izzie Walsh and Jordan Allen.

Indie Week’s opening night also featured some top acts from “Brazil Indie Week Canada 2017” – we’re not sure how that works but we’re totally behind it! Two bands were brought in from Chile – Bubaseta and Adelaida, both of whom rocked out the room along with English subtitles projected on a screen above. In this music nerd’s humble opinion the most exciting act from South America was ETNO from Brazil. These guys have unassuming look but a sound that rocks you straight to your core.

We didn’t get to spend much time downstairs at Revival, but we did get a chance to catch Grown Up Avenger Stuff from Charlotte, NC; and Vancouver natives Lambsbreath.

Overall, Indie Week 2018 is having a much stronger start than the 2017 iteration. It’s generating buzz all over the city, getting people up out of the house to check out shows, and providing the city with a much appreciated 4am last call at a number of participating venues throughout the city.

For more information on Indie Week Canada 2018 and a full schedule at a glance check out



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