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New Ones at Noon E36: Feat Inland Doves, Dustin Bird, and Baby God

New Ones at Noon E36: Feat Inland Doves, Dustin Bird, and Baby God
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E36: Feat Inland Doves, Dustin Bird, and Baby God

Inland Doves is one of my favourite recent projects – that project is by Rich Misener, an incredibly talented musician and producer. Misener Conceived the new song – it’s called Kriket- with a k by the way – while on a trip in Bali before the 2020 lockdown, the song is a compelling testament to determination, peace and the crowded silence of nature.

Misener had this to say about ‘Kriket’, “Crickets are perceived as the sound that occurs when nothing is left when silence takes over. It is often in these moments that you are trying to find your way. We all have that reflex to go back to our past to feel secure, to feel better, etc – but our past should stay in the past and we should build the future from those ‘Kriket’ moments”

For more information on Inland Doves visit the bands Facebook Page.

Duston bird is an Ontario Canadian Country Music artist – yes it’s a thing – and he’s a damn good country music artist at that coming from someone who typically shies away from country music day-to-day – just a bit. Bird’s voice, lyrics and brutal honesty about his life experience make his music more than worth listening to. The artists new song is premiering today March 1 on Canadian Country Music Radio – We’re going to add it to the dropout radio stream too which is less of a big deal. Bird was setup for a solid year of touring before the first 2020 lockdown and I sat down with him to ask him about his year and his new single Broke and Lonely. 

For more information on Dustin Bird visit:

Baby God is a songwriting collaboration between Nathan Gill and Andrew Murry. The two artists are from PEI and they have a special kind of blend of indie-pop-folk that can only really come from Canada’s East Coast. Baby God has just released a new album called Another Suffer. The artists describe it as a breezy lazy Sunday listen and I tend to agree. I recommend enjoying this album in the sun at your earliest opportunity. 

Baby God describes the album as being recorded in a half-moved apartment and exiting in the place between what you left behind and where you might be headed. A feeling that’s bittersweet and immersive. This is Insane Now by Baby God. 

For more information on Baby God visit the band’s Bandcamp page:

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