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Dresden by Howlin’ Circus – Dropout Radio’s Song Of The Day

Dresden by Howlin’ Circus – Dropout Radio’s Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of The Day is Dresden by Howlin’ Circus. Howlin’ Circus is the critically acclaimed project of Jafar Sandouk and this is the first single from his forthcoming album, which was released alongside another great video following up “Run The Wrong Way”. Following the strangest year of most of our lives, “Dresden” will be thematically relatable to most listeners, as we navigate isolation and divisiveness while ultimately holding on to an underlying hope for connection and unity. When asked about the track Jafar said

“The past few years have been exhausting for so many of us, on top of dealing with a pandemic, and having to negotiate with all these forces that are totally disconnected from reality. The climate-change deniers, QAnoners, the white supremacists. I keep hearing how divided we all are but it’s not really a divide if the other person doesn’t even see what planet we’re on.”

On Dresden The expansive soundscape and luring hypnotic vocals are punctuated with notes of urgency, encapsulating the complacency we feel when isolated battling with a passionate need to evoke change and instill hope. Howlin’ Circus has a rock n roll sound of their own, mixing elements you may have had heard as a Canadian with twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Jafar had started writing this song while on tour in Europe, and says that lately he’s been inspired by a lot of art and music from the Middle East and connecting with his Iraqi roots especially since he’s not been able to visit home in the UK and see his family and friends.

For the music video for “Dresden”, Howlin’ Circus partnered again with the incredible video team who directed and shot the video for “Run The Wrong Way” – which is currently a finalist in the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards. Rich with light and water imagery, the video is both visually stunning and poignant. This is Dresden by Howlin’ Circus, Dropout Radio’s Song of The Day.



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