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New Single ‘Stories’ by Sarah Neufeld

New Single ‘Stories’ by Sarah Neufeld
Sarah Neufeld is a JUNO Award-winning Canadian violinist who is known best for her work performing in the Canadian-staple indie rock group Arcade Fire. Neufeld has just announced her third solo album and is warming us up with her new track ‘Stories’. The single is anticipated to be a preview of the artist’s upcoming album ‘Detritus’ due out May 14, 2021. ‘Stories’ is out now everywhere you get your music. 

There is something special about the violin. As an instrument, it’s on a level all of its own. It’s the only instrument I can think of that takes on the name of a fiddle when it’s played one way and a violin when it’s played another. It’s an instrument that has the power to reach everyone, and it’s been a staple in Canadian music since before there was such a thing. The versatile and beautiful instrument takes on a bewitching soft and almost somber tone in Neufeld’s new single ‘Stories’.

The song is wordless and captivating. It doesn’t need words. It does well without them because the instrumentals tell a complex story all their own. I don’t know what that story is for Neufeld, or you, with a song like this you can only know your own story. This well constructed instrumental driven track brings the listener into the emotional world of Neufeld, while allowing their own experiences to articulate the nuances that would only get washed over with lyrics.

“‘Stories’ is about the stories we’ve told ourselves that we can no longer believe,” Neufeld said in a press statement. 

One of the most interesting things I’ve observed in music in the past few years, particularly in the past year is a focus on real growth and personal reflection. While it’s not the social or political revolutions we sometimes crave from alternative music, I think in many ways music like this gives us something beautiful to aim for, that goes far beyond those notions, to a world where we are ultimately all more ok. 

This is an artist getting profoundly personal without ever speaking a word. That’s the “something special” of the violin and why it’s in a class all of its own. Maybe in a world where we can be honest with ourselves, and accepting of each other, all the other crap will eventually fall into place. 

Neufeld’s new album is available now for pre-order and will be out everywhere May 14, 2021, on Paper Bag Records. You can listen to ‘Stories’ below, and anywhere you get your music.



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