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Post-Punk Garage Rock Duo Release New Single “Going Through Hell”

Post-Punk Garage Rock Duo Release New Single “Going Through Hell”

Toronto post-punk garage rock duo Queens & Kings offer an intimate window into their personal story in their latest release, “Going Through Hell.” In this autobiographical new single, Queens & Kings wear their hearts on their sleeves and take the listener on one hell of an emotional rock n roll journey. A journey of highs and lows, with a message to keep pushing forward, even when that means leaving pieces of what you had behind.

Band members Alissa Klug (drums / vocals) and Brendan Albert (guitar / vocals) have had a complicated and somewhat volatile relationship for the more than 11 years they have known each other. The pair started this band about 4 years ago, partly as a response to their convoluted dynamic, and have had to overcome many challenges to hold onto this project that they both so firmly believe in.

As Alissa expands, “We started this band about 4 years ago largely as a way to release and express our frustrations to and with each other and in general, to just let them out…. It’s largely for and about us. There has always been a visceral push and pull between us and that is really reflected in our music and our live show. This song is kind of paying hommage to all that we’ve been through together, but takes on new meaning in these times where we are all trying to find ways to keep moving forward, to hold onto what’s important and let go of the rest and to keep finding ways to remain hopeful for the future. ”

This song really struck a chord with me, bringing memories shooting back of relationships where I thought we were heaven, where everything seemed so great at the time, but things ended up going south. It stirs up a flurry of emotions and it’s hard to go through, when someone makes you feel that high they can usually bring you equally low. Queens & Kings captured that flurry in this 4 minutes and 20 seconds and I’m sure it’s something many of us can relate to. And this song couldn’t have come at a more meaningful time, because even if you haven’t felt that emotion towards another human being, as Alyssa mentionned it’s taken on a new meaning, as it relates to something we’re all going through right now. All we can do is accept that our old lives, no matter how much we loved them, have changed and are continuing to change and be hopeful for the rest of our lives in this new reality.

Click below to listen to Queens & Kings latest single “Going Through Hell” below, and keep your eyes peeled for a new music video, coming April 2nd!


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